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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Random oddities

Did you know that the time period when you're just falling asleep is called the hypnogogic state and the time of awakening is called the hypnopompic state? See the article here.

One seed appears to be sprouting. I think it's a catnip. Expressing my lack of conviction, Jurgis suggested I haul the cat over it and do a 'cat scan' for confirmation.


My bus was dying two days ago. It stalled every time the bus slowed down. I was the last passenger and had at least half my journey to go still. The bus driver insisted on trying to get me all the way. I had my own private, albeit barely functional, limousine. So sweet. The bus drivers know me well.

Our dogs were barking earlier. We looked out to find a guy standing on the neighbour's roof. Hands on hips, cigarette in one, he turned to us and said, "The tenants really trashed this place."

Speaking of tenants. Our neighbours on the same property moved out not too long after we moved in. Then the neighbours to our right moved out. The neighbours to our left are either doing a drastic spring clean or they're moving out too. Think we should change our deodorant? We had the same thing in our previous home where many of the houses around us ended up empty for a long time. I'm not complaining. It's infinitely quite. And speaking of empty houses. With so many empty houses, why is it always so hard to find a house to move into?

When I was walking in town this week, I saw an old Japanese man selling strands of origami cranes. His sign said, "Passaro Feriz." : )

I miss my origami queen. No one to make random birds for me at random places in town. Guess I should stick to roses.


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  1. Hello Corrianne!
    Well,I think you're just lucky... both my neighbors are constructing their houses...can you imagine? I don't even know what peace and quiet is unless I stay up late like now...
    Anyway... it's been so long since I visited your blog, so I thought I'd come and snoop around.


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