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Saturday, 17 April 2010

I think I’ll do well in prison

... certainly if this is the kind of food they enjoy!

cheese sandwich
Is it me or does the kid look slightly creepy leering at the bread like that?


NJ cafeteria workers punish food-fighting students

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Students at New Jersey's Atlantic City High School have learned not to mess with the lunch ladies.

Cafeteria workers served only cheese sandwiches Wednesday and Thursday as punishment for a food fight.

School Superintendent Fredrick Nickles says the school supplies only the basic food requirement when there's been a food-throwing incident. Nickles says the policy has been effective over the years.
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Only the group that engaged in the fight out of the school's three lunch periods was punished.

Parent Bridgitte Reid became angry after her daughter explained the menu. Reid called it "prison food."

A full meal was on the menu for students Friday.


What kind of food do they usually get then if cheese sandwiches are 'prison food'??? Growing up, I had cheese sarmies on a good day. Most days it was jam or peanut butter (or a combo). A sarmie and some junk juice and I'm as healthy as a horse... or make that an elephant. My childhood diet wasn't terribly conducive to being slim 'n trim, but that was its only downfall really.

I love cheese sarmies!!


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  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    It seems the creepy little girl is in the first transitional stages of becoming a zombie. Mommy's hand looks delicious.

    Hi Tint!



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