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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


My world is full of colour today. Happy birthday to me... rather late :)

birthday socks

I've been whining on and off for years about the lamentable lack of colour in local socks. Tat remedied that very nicely. Thank you sooooo much! Oh and chocolate! Can we say Cadburys? Flake? Smarties? Hmmm.... It's so hard not to pig out. Then there's the really sweet plaque...

birthday 2010 01

Best of all was the letter. The kind of letter that makes being a mom so worth it *happy sigh and watery eyes* And the birthday card full of dreams and dandelions : )

It's been a fabulous two days.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary... 24 years. We had some good steak for supper, topped with mushroom and caramelised onion. Then another unheard-of veg... brussel sprouts!! Delicious! Steak is rare enough for us, but mushrooms and brussel sprouts was a pure treat!


Uh yes... and a sleepy cat. "You done with all this flash already??"


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