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Monday, 30 January 2006

Call me!

Actually, don't call me. When the modem was hit, our phone line was also hit. When someone phones in, we get a 'blip' instead of a ringing phone. Bad news if you're more than halfway deaf or in another room. We called Telefonica who argued the toss for an hour or so that it was the phone unit. It took that time to convince them that we had, in fact, already replaced the phone unit, thinking that it was the unit that was faulty. Well... we're still waiting for the repair guy that was arriving 'within the hour'. Guess its the same all over, huh?

Aldo is here. Jorge will be typing his CV out for him. He has back trouble and the orthoped says he needs surgery. What is his problem? Sciatica! I've been trying to convince him to go to a chiro, but he's apparently tried accupuncture and feels that is his limit in 'alternative medicine'. I can do no more.

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  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    kick him in the arse and he will be ok


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