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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

I'm no liar!

I said I was no good at diaries, blogs, journals, etc, etc and its soooo true! Here I am... months and months away from the last blog with too much to say and thus.... not nearly enough.

Yesterday, Monday, Jan 24th, storm broke over us and blew the modem. Now we know how this family reacts to internet downtime hahaha!

On Sunday, T had her boyfriend here. They washed the 3 dogs, Dingo, Romany and Rover. Dingo is calmer now and actually stops moving for a few seconds at a time. We do need to find her a home though.

Friday... J is trying to find his roots. Now, can someone tell me what good it does us to know that his forebears were coffee barons who could afford to donate the land for the establishing of a town??? Ok, so its done his ego the world of good, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Whoever heard of a town called 'Holy spirit of the pines' - Espirito Santo do Pinhal. Then there's Santo Antonio do Jardim. Apparently the old duck donated her garden area and dedicated it to Saint Anthony.

:::Catching up on the 2005 - 2006 news:::

Maluco disappeared in November. I still miss him. My fear is that he was caught in the kite strings or trapped or poisoned. Why do I even think of these things?? Life goes on...

We got all three of our police clearance certificates from Brazil and finally got the one from SA. Whew! What a performance!!! Its all 'go' now.

I got a handycam for Xmas. Not sure I want one. My little Canon powershot suits me so nicely and I do so love showing photos. Perhaps once I've learnt the ins and outs of the video software, I'll like it better.

A and I and the kids went to Hopi Hari. My camera wouldn't work for some reason. We call came home looking like broiled lobsters. A was terrified in the catacombes. She clung to me like crazy. I only found out afterwards that she is virtually blind in the dark hahaha!!! I'm getting braver and braver.... I even went on the foefie slide (ok... I'm NOT translating that lol)

Will someone please remind me to post again before another year goes by?

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