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Sunday, 29 January 2006

Green green grass... wish I could save smells!

The day started badly... we woke up late and had no idea where to go to. For me that is bad. I like to have the whole route planned, cooler box packed, all the little travel extras stashed... but not this time. 10:30am we rolled out of here with a vague idea of going north-westish - being the only area that didn't have rain forecast. Time is running short. Anne will be back on Tuesday, so this is our last weekend with the car and the chance to see the world at our leisure.

We headed out through Jundiaí, which isn't far out of São Paulo. That's where Emilia has her restaurant. From there, we took the road to Itatiba, then Morungaba, Amparo (wow! It has changed soooo much!) and finally on to Serra Negra. It was our intention to go as far as Aguas de Lindoya, but we only made it to Lindoya. I was feeling so lousy by then that we turned back and stopped in Serra Negra. I haven't been car sick in many years. May have had something to do with a lack of food and chance to visit the jaz.

We browsed through the little shops at Serra Negra. Its a charming town where they grow bougainvillea over the streets. The shops are delightful, though there is an overabundance of knitwear. Any outifit you like, you can find knitted finely in Serra Negra. The same goes for leatherwork. Gorgeous jackets, belts of every kind, bags... you name it. We had trouble finding a place to eat, as it was way after lunch.... almost 4pm. We eventually had 'pastel' at one of the eating places. It was nice enough. Mine was filled with mielie (milho or corn) and requeijão (a type of creamy cream cheese). We bought a few t-shirts. Tat and I bought really large ones to use as sleep shirts. Jorge bought shirts related to beer drinking - wonder why??? haha!

The trip home was uneventful. Jorge has rushed over to the pub to show off his find. We now have to clean up and maybe I'll play a while till I'm tired enough to fall off the chair. I did a photo repair tonight. I'm not happy with the result. Perhaps I'll fiddle with it again tomorrow when I'm fresher. I must still upload today's film and photos. I'm sure there are a few nice shots for my site

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  1. Oh Tint, it sounds like a wonderful trip, tiring but very nice! I love to take trips like that. We have been doing a lot of that lately too.


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