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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

New beginnings

Ok, I know I tend to waffle. Did I mention our new house? We did finally move. We're now living in the Lithuanian community. I call it 'the village'. In fact, we all call it 'the village'. In the 'praça' or square (its actually round) at the center, the old men play draughts or dominoes. They can be found there any day, except when the weather is foul.

We have everything available to us. Shopping in town, I think, is more out of habit than anything else. I think I'm becoming a recluse. I no longer teach. It simply takes too long to get in to students. To spend 2 - 3 hours travelling there for a 1 1/2 hour class, then to head back... its just not worth it. I need to get Seal Services rolling properly to pay our way.

The house itself is bright and sunny and clean. Its not enormous, but big enough for us. Its so light. Believe it or not, the plants are thriving. That's another story.... the plants...

We went back to the old house one week after we'd moved out to collect some mail. Not a word of a lie... every plant in the garden was stone dead. Now you have to understand, I never put any effort in at all... just let it grow. It was known as 'the jungle'. The theory goes that once we had left, whatever was sapping all the joy from the people turned on the plants.

Anyhow... I digress...

My herbs are thriving. I need to harvest tomorrow. I think a trip to the nursery is in order. It won't be tomorrow, as its São Paulo's birthday

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