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Thursday, 26 January 2006

Its summer, ok?!

Just in case no one noticed, its summer here. I don't even want to think in terms of what the temp is. I just know it feels as tho someone left the heater on for too long. The fan is doing pretty well circulating the hot air. Its one of those incredibly hot, listless days.

We had to go into town yesterday to get a new modem. It was rather amusing for a while seeing everyone scurrying around looking for something to do. Incredible how we now take the presence of the internet so for granted.

It rained again, very briefly, this afternoon. It hasn't cooled the place down. We braai'ed (bbq'd) some pork chops this evening with roasted garlic, roasted onion, baked potato and salad... I'm full, but craving a desert.

Hey.... ain't I just soooo good!? I actually posted in here two days running... I'm impressed with myself *grins*

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