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Friday, 03 February 2006

Beauty and the rain

Yesterday was a truly delightful day! We rushed out to squeeze in a manicure, then onto the bus system, heading for the photographer's studio on 9 de Julho. An interesting place, to say the least. Very, very old... and tiny! There was no way I could stay with Tat. I half-heartedly tried to persuade them to let me stay, but the models would have been falling over me.

The photographer directed me to a 'tranquilo' lanchionette. Well... I fled a smoker who decided to light up at the next table, after which they tuned into some football match, while two macho's were demonstrating (with full vocals) some or the other fighting technique on the other side. The food was gross!

I then wafted for a walk down Av. São Sebastian... very much a commercial road without much in the line of useful commerce. Found a confetaria, which I visited later. I spent most of the afternoon (I was there from noon till 5pm) sitting on the appartment steps. At about 3pm, it started to rain, São Paulo style. All in all... fun :)

Tat tells me the portfolio went well. We'll see in a month when we get the photos. This portfolio was more for television and film, as opposed to her previous one, which was directed at the fashion world.

Attention Bob.... !! Corner pub photos Instead of piling all the photos in here, I put them on my site. Its definitely not the same place you remember. The current owner has only been there for three years. He says it was a pub under numerous owners and once was even a 'mercadoria' or whatever lol

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  1. Just passing by to give you oodles of ((((huggles))))
    Love the photos by the way! *s*


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