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Saturday, 18 February 2006


I have just noticed that virtually all my blog titles have an exclamation mark. Think I'm trying to make a point??? Don't you just love punctuation??? haha!

I did threaten to post more often, but I've gotten busy with my site again. I'm trying to iron out all the dead links and paths to nowhere. Do check it out. I'm getting tired of the splash page look, but nevertheless.... www.tintalasia.com. The part I was working on is the family albums. I'm trying to build up the courage (and ideas) to finish off the business pages. I'll get there yet. Will work on the Brazil albums next. I need to restore the albums I took off.

Hey.... did I tell you? The latest on our butcher/hairdresser. Bearing in mind, this is a 50-something 'pretty boy'. The other day, Tat was out with Jorge to the production agency. I went to the butcher to get something for supper. The only one serving was the hairdresser. With a sigh, I gave him my order (being rather nervous of the quality of his cuts) and turned to chat to the cashier, a really nice girl. She asked me where Tat was, as the two of us usually go shopping together. I told her Tat was working, an easier explanation for my Portuguese to handle. To cut the story short, it came out that Tat is a model and the girl wanted me to get Tat to take her photos to show her. Enter butcher/hairdresser: "I was a model!" What?! Our heads swung around at in his direction (not sure what we expected to see). Yes, he apparently used to model bathing costumes. I wish I had the whole event on film. Our faces (I assume my face reflected the cashier's look) must have been comical. On dropping his bombshell, he went back to his butchering. I wonder which career he will come up with next time I visit. I'm eager to go shopping again.

What's happening in our world? Jorge may be taking a trip to Lithuania in July. Tat tried hard, but not hard enough, to contain her excitement at the thought. Family we may be, but 6 years of living in each other's pockets without a break has taken its toll. I told her though, that by the end of his trip, she'll be pretty eager to be shot of my company too. For now, she's taken on another theater course, given by one of the top television producers here. It's a 3 year course that she'll be cramming somewhat. We'll see where that takes her. The agency is very impressed with her new portfolio. I only hope that future employers will be equally impressed.

Tat's birthday presents are all planned. I can't wait to see what she'll think of them!

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