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Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Monday, Monday...

Whew! It's been a week and a half so far!

I figured Monday would be like any other day. I was sooo wrong! I'll take any Friday 13th over this past Monday.

The day didn't start badly, if I ignored the stalled metros. I got to my first set of students. They're meant to do their classes in 1 hour turns. It's a mother and son. She decided to opt out of class, leaving me with her more advanced son and one hour's worth of materials to stretch over two hours. Ok. I can do this. It didn't go badly.

I took the bus to my next student. It was one of those times when I have too much time between students, but not enough time to go home. I hung around in a coffee shop for an hour, but left when it got awkward. I moved down the road and sat on a step under the broiling sun - literally broiling. Wait... make that 'pressure cooking'. The tattered awning helped a little though... until the rain started. The heavens opened and in the time it took me to dash 200 yards, the water was over my shoes. I got to the student looking like a drowned rat (a rather overgrown drowned rat).

They were renovating and my usual class area was out of bounds and would I mind giving class in the child's bedroom? My heart sank. I'd forgotten my flash drive at home and her bedroom had a very poor wifi connection, so I had to wing it. She wanted her class under a tent created by her duvet. I swear the child is insane... didn't she know how hot it was? That was after she shut the door and the windows and turned the lights off.

I left her in the rain and headed off home. I was grateful for my long(ish) legs compared to the locals. I could jump the flooded sidewalks to relatively shallow water while they had to wade through. I felt like Mary Poppins sailing over the water with my umbrella that was threatening to disintegrate in the wind. We stood under the leaky bus shelter, each trying to crane past the others' umbrellas to see if the bus was coming. Needless to say, the buses were slow in coming. I had less than an hour to get home and get out to the next student. I waded home. The water at my last bus stop was almost at my knees. Yuck!

The storm grew worse. There was a major clap of thunder and lightning. It was right over us. Then the power went out. Our internet died at the same time, as I discovered when I got home.

At home, I dashed some food down my throat. The next student was a 2 hour long session and I'd be home really late. I had no time to change, but dried out while I ate. Heat has its advantages. I didn't want to dress up anyway, as the next student wasn't in a great end of town and I'd probably have to swim to him anyway.

I headed out. I took the wrong bus. I ended up having to walk a mile and some change. I was late - only by 10 minutes, but that just about killed me. I'm never late, especially for the first class with a new student. Then I arrived at the address. It was a major international corporation!! I was dressed in khakis and a t-shirt!! UGH! The student, who just happened to be the sales director of this company *cringe*, learned how to say sorry, profusely, many times over, within the first 5 minutes of the class. Once I'd regained my composure, the class went well. I even scored a ride home for which I was really grateful - in a luxury 4x4 with aircon. 'Home' was on his way.

Tuesday consisted of cancelled classes. My classes were online : (  Skype doesn't work without internet. Did you know that?

What's the height of boredom? Taking photos of the truly fascinating interior of your water bottle!

Today was back to normal. We got our internet back tonight - a brand, spanking new modem - after a day of yet more knee-deep rain. Ah fun! : )


  1. Geesh! Sounds worse than mine! What is with all the rain! Interesting picture. Hope things are going better!

  2. I didnt have a good week either (as you know..) but I would risk wet shoes for some rain ..or broiling sun right about now...either or..Im not fussy!!

  3. I love the pic of the water bottle. :) Sorry you lost Tuesday classes ... that must have made the internet-free day drag MUCH more. Yucko. I'm really glad you're back. :)

  4. sounds like a full day of work and hurry..

  5. Wow.....your life is an adventure every single day!!! I love the water bottle photo.

  6. Wow, I can't imagine having to wade through water just to go down the street! And amongst all of that crappiness you still captured the beauty of your water bottle,,, love the photo! Hope the week has improved :-D

  7. Katey, probably not worse than yours. I was playing drama queen for the day ; )

    Heather, wanna swap? I love the rain, but wet shoes are overrated.

    Kippy, I loved the inside of the water bottle haha... the photo? That's another story. And guess what? Our router has now packed up, so internet is dicey once again, though not gone completely. All in a day's fun, right?

    Tori, it was : )

    Cherie... that's why I post so seldom. I only post the fun days. You get to miss out on the hum-drum days.

    Kerry, the week improved, thank goodness. You've had your fair share of water too.

  8. What a wet blog! Soggy! But I love the picture and also the mental image of the lesson in the bedroom tent :-)


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