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Friday, 04 February 2011

Friday's this and that

My student was a no-show this morning. Turns out their server was down, so we'll have class tomorrow instead.

Annette posted this: Tigers have a tug o' war - adorable!

Monday, our modem died in the storm. We got internet back and discovered that the router was also hit, so now we have a modem and no router. At least we're online.... though it's made household dynamics somewhat awkward.

It's raining today - just for a change... kinda.

The one thing about having options is when one of the options is whipped out from under your feet, at least life is simpler. That's for people who hate having to make decisions.

I hate taking headache tablets. The resulting dopiness makes me useless for anything useful afterwards.

The neighbours have started their weekend voom... voom... voom. I assume it's music. We only hear the voom... voom... voom. No... we don't hear it as much as feel it. It's the kind of sound you feel in your gut. Voom... voom.... voom... The so-called rhythm doesn't even change. Earplugs don't work, neither does putting our own music on. It's still there, all pervasive. Perhaps I should wish for another power failure. Where are the power failures when you need them anyway?

I have a blog with no photo. I keep staring at it, wanting to just post and get it over with, but the 'no photo' is bugging me. Ugh!

Ah... photo gods appeased...

I've always wondered...
if nature was left to its own devices, how long would it take before it reclaims the earth?


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're getting some rain. For a change. *ahem koff*

    Annnnnoooooying neighbors! I despise that kind of noise that invades too many of your senses.

    Regarding your last question, I read a book about that once, and it was awesome because the animals and plants took back what was theirs to start and the answer was: not very long. :)

  2. There was a show about just that...on Discovery maybe? It showed the progression/digression over many years of what cities would become if humans were gone. It doesn't take very long, as Kippy said.

    Neighbors like that would upset me so bad I'd have to move. Or fire bomb.

  3. It doesn't take long at all for nature to start reclamation. It's amazing! Rain, storms, headaches, neighbor noise. They are ok in small doses, except for the headaches. Do you need to take a heavy duty medicine for your headaches, or is there something over the counter that won't make you dopey?

  4. only a couple of years, if no humans were around.

  5. Know the feeling, on the other side of the highway, there is a hang out pub drinking whatever place called Subways, live music every Wednesday and Saturday. When wind is in a certain directiion the beat goes under the bridge and right under our bedroom. I kid you not , the bed vibrates........voom , vooom, vooom , deep deep bass sounds. In summer they have the doors open and around 01h30 am the DJ decides to wake up his diciples, bugger the neighbors, and starts yelling: one more time, all on the floor, yehe baby , yeh baby. Oh my , and no words to the songs, just boom voom boom booom . I feel for you. Some years ago we approached the owner, as Kenneth and Melissa was hanging out ther and being only 16 we wanted him to be aware of that. We fetched them at 10 pm , great protests always. But now we have his cell number, so at times we phone him and say: Keep it down now, too loud , we can hear it all up here. Down it goes. Sometimes not what we know but who we know. LOL>

  6. Are those the neighbors where the fellow called, had you wake Jurgis to borrow something because he wouldn't ask you? Odd.
    I know what you mean about the headache tablets, I feel that way about the pain pills for my hip BUT beats the pain. Mine tend to jazz me a while before they knock me out though, so I get some stuff done HA!
    We just got a router, so now we have one more thing to keep track of! Great! LOL All my electronic children!


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