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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quick Sunday 'inloer'

'Inloer' is basically an Afrikaans way of saying 'to peek in'... kinda : ) 

Speaking of languages, I spotted this one this morning:
Ninguém é tão feio como no RG, tão bonito como no Orkut,tão feliz como no Facebook, tão simpático como no Twitter, tão ocupado como no Msn.

It translates to:
No one is as ugly as their ID (or passport), as beautiful as their Orkut (a local FB-type site that attracts teens mostly), as happy as their Facebook, as friendly as their Twitter or as busy as their MSN.

So, so true!

In the news today... my kind of news:

Every school needs a cat.... or a dog... or something.

My back hurts. It's hot. Yes, I'm whining. You know that feeling when you cuddle up to a hot water bottle in the winter? Well, we have that same feeling here now, except that it's an all-over feeling and it's not as pleasant as the winter feeling... not by a looong shot!

So much for the 'quick' inloer... this blog has taken about 4 hours of on and off attention to get written.


  1. I wanted the cats who were born out back to be our work cats. That was trodden down immediately. It seemed perfect to me. We had mice. They had to hire an exterminator. There were 7 willing mousers who needed shelter. Oh well. I have 2 of them.

  2. i see you peeking in. :) that saying is sooooo true, huh? well, i'm definitely not as happy as my fb, but i'm not gonna start airing my dirty laundry on there like a lot of my friends seem to. hahaha. sorry your back is being a pain. :(( soak in a coldish tub?

  3. Kat, 7 natural exterminators would have been great and far better than poisons and such.

    Kimmy, no bath tubs here and our 'cold' shower is warm. The tap water feels like bathwater *cries*

  4. If I ran the business, those cats would have had a home in the shop. But...

  5. oh my--stick your head in the freezer? haha

  6. If I ran the business, Kat, I'd have done the same. I'd consider trading out cats for the people who do work there lol

    Our freezer is tiny and wouldn't contain all my frizz, Kimmy : (

  7. I do that every day...consider it. haha

  8. See now... that's why you have so many cats. You attract them!

  9. What a lovely cat! But I'm amazed that he is allowed in school. Here pets are forbidden in schools, because of children with possible allergies.

  10. Riete, I must admit, it surprised me too. It doesn't look like a big school. You probably find they worked with the parents on that. Or maybe it's a private school?

  11. No Fair! The temperature's gone UP since I posted this! Hmph...

  12. Put some ice cubes in a bowl of water, soak flannel and wipe face and soak wrists until water luke warm. In mean while put remaining icecubes in glass of water and limejuice or water and lemon juice if stomach still too acid from painkillers. Huggles girl.

    That's working for me at the moment. Our normal hot temperatures are up to 27 - 28C but some days this summer is going to 30 -32C and up to 100% humidity at times as sky turns into misty-type rain and those are inside temperatures. On the plus side we are not having a drought this year like last year.

    Liked the translated quote *big smile*

  13. Can only add more best wishes for a recovery( speedy no longer possible) till it actually happens. If that does not work would have to resort to some form of magic.Lost my sangoma manuel when we moved but will come up with something

  14. I hate real heat! So that tells you how I feel about this place in summer!

  15. I would be eager to share some of the arctic cold we're having back here this week, but problem is how to wrap it? ;)


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