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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Someone had a 21st birthday yesterday. Birthdays have a knack of making one wander down memory lane. This year, it's particularly poignant, as it's such a milestone year and Tat is so very far away.

Tonight, Jurgis was going through some photos. He called my attention to one. "This was my 21st!"

Henrique, his brother (far left), had baked the cake. The three men lived a bachelor existence. The cake was a sweet idea, but I suspect it was a bit of a challenge on the teeth.

21 red roses

Yes, I know there aren't 21. The photo is illustrative

There are no photos of my 21st, though the evening was an interesting one, to be sure. We left Ceinwen, then 3 months old, with our neighbour, Margaret. Jurgis told me to dress up. I made myself a Russian-style red dress. I loved that dress, but only ever wore it that once that I can remember. He took me to the Ritz Hotel's revolving restaurant in Cape Town. I found some photos online. It is just as I remembered it... the piano... the view of Cape Town at night.

The ambience was lovely. Not too long into the evening, I was presented with my massive bouquet of red roses. The pianist played 'our song', which was, at the time, "Time in a bottle" by Jim Croce. Yes, it was long ago! The food was French and tasty, except that what we thought was the starter turned out to be the main course. It was one of those places where you get one baby carrot, artistically sliced into a fan shape, two asparagus spears, a broccoli floret and your sliver of meat of choice drowned in gravy. I had sole. It was tasty. We had our dessert, which I don't remember at all. I think I was too hungry. It had been a long day. I suspect that lunch had been a very long time ago, as I'd spent the afternoon flapping over babysitting arrangements - first time mom leaving baby for the first time.

Jurgis is very much a steak and potatoes guy, so we left the fancy food in search of something more substantial and ended up at an after-theatre cafe, scarfing cake and coffee before heading home, tired and slightly less starved than when we set out. 

This is the last photo that was taken of me before my 21st. Ceinwen was all of 5 days old. I had been home from the hospital for a day when Jurgis' dad arrived on an unannounced visit. I was 'thrilled' (not). He was one of those men who believed that the man works outside of the home and shouldn't work at home at all. He let us know in no uncertain terms that finding his son mowing the lawn was unacceptable and that it was my job to do so. I was, at the time, in bed having had a caesarian a few days before. Oh that visit! It reminds me of another blog I've been meaning to write... on the excellence of my housekeeping skills at the time! ; ) 


  1. *laugh* What awesome memories (even if not all of "good" things) ;)

    I have to say, Jurgis' cake really didn't look all that appealing. haha. And your dinner didn't sound so hot, either. I get annoyed by those types of restaurants, though the thought sure was nice. :)

    I can't wait to read Tat's blog regarding her birthday. *ahem koff*

  2. You were a Mom at 21. Isn't it strange to think of Tat the same age? My daughter will soon be the age I was when Jeremy was born. (21 June 1) Such a strange thought.
    Your 21st sounds...well the revolving restaurant sounds intriguing...and the cake after. Definitely the cake.

    It's so hard to leave them the first time. And the second, third, etc. I was horribly attached to the last two.

    Yes, did Tat celebrate?

  3. Guys, I'll blog it eventually. I don't have much time at the moment as I'm mid-move. Patience please! It will come, lol

  4. such fantastic pics!! beautiful beautiful family :)) i thought we were still 21! ;)

  5. *cracks whip


    ... oh wait, when was my last blog??? Crap.

    *goes back into hiding*

  6. I have also been pondering birthdays lately.... I have a friend who turns 21 next month and I turn ..... let's just say 21..... again...... the month after..... don't think I have any photo's of my 21st although my mom made it special for me so I won't forget it :-D

  7. Love the photos. but your FIL sounds like an ass! ;-( I went to a local steak house with my grandparents and parents for my 21st. We had a fun night. I had less fun memories the weekend after - just stupid family junk - a relative was jealous about me getting a night out and threw a big old hissy fit tantrum. It didn't spoil my night, but it did spoil my memories of my 21st for a while. Stupid how you let other people get into your memories who really don't deserve to be remembered! :-\

  8. I lived in Puerto Rico (which is located near Florida..my MIL thinks its somewhere else) for a few years and the woman always took care of things to make things easier for the husband. I didnt mind (I had a bf) it was ok..no big deal. But I left there a long time ago so...all said and done!

  9. This is great! Fun photos! I spent my 21st in the hospital with a bust appendix-- was there for a couple of weeks!

  10. those are moments meant to be there for life..awesome!

  11. lol!!! Expected to mow the grass on yop of all the housework and a new baby! Out-laws always cause so much hassle! :P


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