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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Heavy, heavy skies

                                hot-soup air
                                        under a purple-cloud blanket
                                   the maelstrom of rain
                                               moments away

Actually, no longer moments away. We had temperatures of 34ºC this afternoon. The air was hot and breathlessly heavy. Since arriving home, the storms have broken. Jurgis suggested we use the ironing board to surf down our little passageway here, the water was moving so fast. The poor people in other parts of the city had hail and in other parts of the greater São Paulo, there have been major destructive floods - again.

I wanted to post a quick blog. I've been absent, I know. Monday was a very long work day, starting with a breakfast run class and ending at 8:30pm. Tuesday, I spent the day flat on my back. It seems I'd go one step forward and two back. Nasty. Today, I went out to one student. It wasn't so bad, but the wriggly toddler insisted on lap time, and it was rather painful accommodating her. I'm so proud of the kid though. Her father made a point of telling me she can't tell the time in Portuguese and she's aced it in English. She did well today. I came home with a pre-storm headache. It broke as I walked up our road. I got home just in time! Our power has died a few times since I got home, so there's no guarantee we'll be 'live' this evening. We'll see how that goes. Supper is smelling good : )


  1. what's for dinner? :) beautiful dark skies against the glowing skyscrapers! crossing fingers power stays on for ya! keep dry!!

  2. So good, that you came home before the weather exploded. I hope things are not too bad, Tint. Cool down with my last album :)

  3. Whow - what drama!!!! We have had a couple of those storms since Christmas here in New Zealand as well. I was ok but others on the Island lost trees and had land slips.

    'wriggly toddler insisted on lap time' - certainly a mixed blesing for you that day, but aww I miss having little children around.

  4. Trials and tribulations in abundance. Not a matter of having a nice day but rather just surviving the day. Good luck. Hou duim vas vir beter dae!!

  5. keeping my fingers crossed that you wont be swimming away..

  6. Beautiful capture of that sky. I can't imagine living in that 'soup', and all the traveling you have to do....You're a trooper!

  7. Amazing photo up top and sorry that life is up and down, health wise, but that was a lovely description of the student and the telling time! Lap time is hard though :-( Glad supper smelled good! And glad that you had power to get supper on the table! Hugs you gently from up here!

  8. Haha .Funny that she tells time in English but not Portuguese. Sorry for your headache, but hope your back is feeling better!


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