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Friday, 24 September 2010

Reminders of pleasure

A book Tat bought me, Eating mangoes naked by Sark, asks "What brings you pleasure?" There are bubbles to write in. I filled them in yesterday, after this lilac sunset. The sky was truly lilac and blended with the trees which were a mass of lilac jacaranda blossoms. Sadly, the photo doesn't show that very well.

So... What brings me pleasure?

birdsong in the morning while the world is still
sunsets through the trees
the first splashes of rain after a hot day
a fresh wind on a hot back
surprise gardens
the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot
friends who 'stop by' just to say Hi

unexpected smiles
the cat voluntarily jumping onto my lap
or kneading my belly prior to sleep
watching her stretch in the sun
the dog burying his nose under my arm
or jumping and dog-laughing
watching him gather his blankie under him
the bird having the trust to come up and nibble my hair
seeing her hop with eagerness over fresh greens

Did I say 'smiles'?

seeing those I love find happiness in a moment
waking up and finding my skin and hair co-operating for once
inside jokes when I'm on the inside
getting surges of creativity and being able to act on them
having a lesson where the student is engaged
and actually learning something he/she can use
someone actually 'getting' a joke I tell

sinking into a soft bed at the end of a day's work
immersing myself in delightful smells
lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, chamomile
fresh green apple, peaches, oranges
cut grass, baking bread
butterflies flitting, dragonflies glinting
fun music, soothing music, music to move to

Did I say 'friends'?

free lessons and people willing to teach
(even if they don't think they're teachers)
people who share their worlds
so I can travel vicariously
good food
finding great ingredients at perfect prices and quality
experimenting with new dishes and having them actually taste good
laughing over old... uh... mishaps

Oh there are so many things!

What brings you pleasure?


In die somer as die son soos 'n kaartman
agter die berg afgesak het en die lug laat
agterbly soos 'n vuurkool wat afkoel, lê die
skemeraand soos 'n sagte lou skaduwee...
~Alba Bouwer~


  1. The poem at the end, by the way, translates loosely to:

    In the summer as the sun set behind the mountain like a cardboard puppet and left behind the light glowing like a cooling ember, there lies the twilight like a soft warm shadow...

    Not the best translation, but poetry isn't the easiest thing to translate. Open to other translations.

    'Kaartman' definition: HAT: Verklarende handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse taal

  2. You're absolutely right, Tint. Poetry is as personal as a person's pair of shoes. Thanks for sharing, I love it too!!

  3. what a great list!!! now how long did it take you to come up with it? ;) a great idea to do. we should all remind ourselves of the things that make us happy so we can ponder all the wonderful things we really have. thanks for sharing your happiness tint!!

  4. Kat, I love that analogy : )

    Kimmy, it was actually very quick. As the bus was going along (I did it in the bus, only adding a few lines now), I would see things I loved or that made me think of other things I loved. It started with the sunset through the Jacaranda blossoms.

  5. Wonderful words...and Jacarandas always remind me of home..we have them here in Cali, and they often bring a lump to my throat when they are in full bloom early summer...I collect the seedpods and hoard them like preciousmemories, remembering the days I used to paint them randomly as a kid for our Christmas tree...

    awesome pic!

  6. Weird thing is that the Jacaranda is native to Brazil, but I don't see it here much... now in South Africa... ah... :)

  7. LOL Love the no parking sign in this photo http://bit.ly/cDLyff << linked because it's best seen large.

  8. *big smile* I have a list a mile and a half long, and you're on it in a few places, in a few ways. ;) And that picture might not have done the scene justice, but it's still beautiful!

  9. laughs..do not even think of parking here...!!!!

  10. Vow, that sure does work small miracles looking for small reminders of pleasure in one's life.
    Where do one get that panic station? That is like LOL rolling on the ground, how awesome it is!!!

  11. Full of wow, Tint! LOVE it!

  12. I miss the jacarandas too - going down Fields Hill on a misty morning or on the Berea as the sun was setting. :)
    Fabulous lists!! Really wonderful!

  13. Kippy, you're sweet : )

    Heather, yes! It was priceless. I remember that pink truck.

    Asta, it's my way of coping with my world : ) That panic station made me laugh too. It's just so ridiculous.

    Jaime, you're full of wow too : )

    Katey... ah.... Fields Hill in the mist... or anywhere in Hillcrest in the mist. I loved that mist belt even if I had no bloomin clue where I was driving. I miss the azalea hedges too... and the yesterday, today and tomorrow bushes. I miss the green.


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