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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Job hunting

I'm always keeping my eye out for jobs, both here and overseas. The local ones often provide me with entertainment... like this one...

The position is for an English teacher with a school:

"Total fluency and advanced level of knoledge. Preferenci is given to those finishing their B.A em Letras . Applicans will be trained and we offer good pay. To work in Vila Mariana near Santa Cruz Subway station."
I am also amused by the fact that a trade name here is called a 'nome fantasia' or 'fantasy name'. That about describes it, huh?


  1. lol!
    Hmmmm!! As long as they sign the cheques on time ....

  2. I"m laughing at ^ because they might sign the checks but then again...you might be dinner!!! :)

  3. It's all in the words eh!

  4. LOL ... they do need education indeed!

  5. This made me think of an email I got that had me rolling. If you'd like me to send it to you, give me your email address!! Or I can send it to Kippy and she can send it to you (whatever makes you more comfortable?)

  6. *laughing* at it all. I have found some real winners up here while looking for work, too! Love the cartoon. :)

  7. Katey, cheques are a little flexible here

    Kat, I think, most of the time, I've been had... probably for dinner

    Dani, and in the punctuation ; )

    Riete, these ARE the teachers!!

    Kat, I'm a little late, so Kippy sent it on anyway. You should stop by at Engrish.com. There's always something new there. There were some new ones in that lot. Thanks!

    Kippy, that cartoon was just sooo perfect! I absolutely screeched with laughter when I saw it.

  8. it's the same level as google translate..

  9. Too true, Amalie (this made me laugh!), except that the Google translator would at least spell the words correctly and just mess up the grammar.

  10. Seems that you get these kind of job advertisements all over the world. On the other hand, mistakes in an ad is better than some unbelievable requirements for a candidate. Some 10 years ago there was lots of ads going like 'Job is offered for a woman of age 18-28, with previous work experience, 2 foreign languages, good computer literacy level, for - wait for it - cleaning person position' LOL

  11. That is a wonderful cartoon! LOL


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