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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Rainbow in the wind

It was a really early morning and I was very inclined to be grumpy. You know one of those 'hmph!' days? Luckily I got over it. The sun tried to come out this morning, but finally gave up at lunch time. There was a frisky wind playing around too. What do Brazilian kids do when it's windy? And often if it isn't? Fly kites. It's something I love and hate here. Those kites are flown among the electrical cables of busy roads, but they're quite a sight, especially one like this. This little guy had just been given his kite and was told to keep it still... I think the 'pull' of the kite, those colours and a playful wind was more than he could resist : ) He made me smile.

Tomorrow is International Day of Peace, so I prepared a lesson on peace and the tsuru birds... and... I actually managed to fold 3!! Then I actually managed to teach MF how to fold one. She was so thrilled with herself and not surprising. I also taught her how to fold a heart and she gave one to her sister. Her sister, Zara, is a sweet little thing that usually squirms and holds up a hand that she doesn't like touched, but she wants to show she can "High five". Zara has so many health and mental issues. Much of the time while MF is in class, little Zara is undergoing therapy. Today, she was actually 'chatting' like baby talk (instead of her usual grunts) and she giggled when I tickled her neck. She actually cranes her head to get tickled. Her smile is an absolute joy. One of her favourite places is under this plastic-covered chair while we're having class.

For those who want to know... we passed! *grins* I made a really good supper and one of my favourite TV shows is coming back. Make that two. Ah yes... life is clearly windy enough for rainbow kites and otherwise good : )


  1. Rainboooooows! Awesome!!! I'm glad you were able to find a little rainbow... without the rain! ;o) That little one is SO freakin cute! Contagious smile, eh?

  2. Oh, she really is adorable! I'd tickle her neck too!

    I love the rainbow kite picture. I would love to see more kite flying around here.

    Glad your day turned around.

  3. YOU PASSED!!! WAHOOOOOO!!! :D :D :D Omg .. I love all the other parts of this blog, but that beats it all, Tint! I just wanna do a little dance! If only I weren't sooooo tired today. haha. I would hug you if I were there ... seriously! And then? Then we'd go out for a drink! Or stay in for a drink! YAY! I'm soooooo happy for you!!

  4. Jaime... the rain came later... with a vengeance! =Þ Zara is precious. You should see her smile - with teeth!

    Sandy, I love the rainbow kite, but the kites here come at a very high price. They're cheap as toys, but the cost in terms of danger is too high to be worth it and they're not allowed in most parks. To watch the kids getting their kites down from overhead electrical wires or off rooftops is scary.

    *laugh* You noticed, Kippy? =D A drink would be just fine right now and yes, we're very, very excited. Speaking of tired... I must get to bed. I can't see for the yawning. It's been a long, very full day. We finished the exam around noon and I'm totally unprepared for the rest of the week, but beyond caring too much.

  5. Sleep well. Glad the day that started with a grump ended with such a smile and a delightful blog. Such a shame about kite-flying for the kids - nothing much beats the excitement of running with a kite up in the wind!

  6. Oh, Tint. I am flying on a cloud, hearing this news ... so I can only imagine how you feel! This is just ... too frickin' awesome! Finally! The planets have aligned!! :D :D :D

  7. Kites are good for the soul! You had a successful lesson day today :) And Zara, what a sweetie. Hiding under the chair with one sock on and one sock off. Yay for passing and having a wonderful evening!

  8. Whooooohooooo....you passed....yayyy... clinks glasses!!!!!

  9. :D Fab news!!! Congrats!

  10. I haven't flown a kite in a few years! I always love it too!
    Zara is a cutie! And YAY on passing! XXX

  11. Congratulations, Tint...passing...you should fly a kite to celebrate....


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