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Saturday, 25 September 2010


Vir dié wat sukkel met Afrikaans tik, veral daai kappies en doitjies...

Char. Keystroke 1Keystroke 2UnicodeChar.Keystroke 1Keystroke 2 Unicode
á Alt+0225Alt+160 00E1Á Alt+0193- 00C1
â Alt+0226Alt+131 00E2Â Alt+0194- 00C2
è Alt+0232Alt+138 00E8È Alt+0200- 00C8
é Alt+0233Alt+130 00E9É Alt+0201Alt+144 00C9
ê Alt+0234Alt+136 00EAÊ Alt+0202- 00CA
ë Alt+0235Alt+137 00EBË Alt+0203- 00CB
î Alt+0238Alt+140 00EEÎ Alt+0206- 00CE
ï Alt+0239Alt+139 00EFÏ Alt+0207- 00CF
ô Alt+0244Alt+147 00F4Ô Alt+0212- 00D4
ö Alt+0246Alt+148 00F6Ö Alt+0214Alt+153 00D6
û Alt+0251- 00FBÛ Alt+0219- 00DB

I'm so lucky! I have a keyboard that doesn't need fiddling to get the right keys. I need to find something like this for Lithuanian now. So far, I only have the č (Alt+269), which I need to be able to type my name.


  1. YIKES! Tint! That looks like programming to me!!! :D

  2. I just leave the kappetjies etc out...lol..but thanks for this if I need it I will know where to find it...

    sometimes when I look at my typos I think I need help with an English code


  3. Kat, I guess it is a kind of programming. After all, what is programming.... a language?

    Heather, I figured as much. Want some code for English? Laughing hard... Just teasing... as I say, it makes your messages interesting =Þ I spend too much time backspacing.

  4. I have some awesome examples of my infamous typos...my friends never let me forget them

    Ask Chuck how I managed to mess up the word..wonderful???

  5. oops wrong ID...LOL..see what I mean????

  6. There's a difference though. When I do that, I'm a ditz... when you do that, it's interesting... and entertaining LOL Gets that way when you're busy ; )

  7. Cool! But, glad I don't struggle with African type...lol!

  8. I didn't know Afrikaans had some of the characters we have, like the accent and dieresis (like ü, don't know how you call it).. nice when your keyboard cooperates eh!

  9. Sandy, it is not a struggle at all. The language is understood without those thingamebobs, but I'm picky and like to have them in place.

    Dani, my Portuguese keyboard is a huge advantage for that very reason. We call that an 'umlaut' in Afrikaans.

  10. I have always wondered for years how to get those!!!!

  11. Well, now you know... or you could just get a fancy schmancy foreign keyboard like mine with all its missing letters lol


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