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Sunday, 08 February 2009


CL photo restore flier sm

The morning dawned hot, with warnings of rain. We've had heavy downpours in the afternoon every day so far. This, to me, is typical São Paulo weather... hot as blazes, then 4pm, the heavens open, until around 6pm, at which point someone up there turns the tap off and the city drains until the next day.


Jorge headed into town with me. My plan was to go to the antiques fair on Avenida Paulista to distribute my photo restoration fliers. The antiques fair is held in the shadow of the monolithic Masp, an art gallery that I keep threatening to actually visit. Reflected in the glass in the above photo is the crafts fair that Masp looks out over. Masp is a well known landmark in São Paulo. It has two huge red 'feet' standing in ponds. The actual gallery is a couple of storeys up.


Ah... there comes the rain now. Hm... I love the smell of rain.

Delivering fliers were, as Jorge put it, like fishing. Wonder if there'll be any catches. It's too soon to tell. It turned out that we couldn't hand them out in the antiques fair itself, or security would stop us. I wanted to hand them out at least until we were stopped. I ended up handing them out in front of the fair, to passers by. The trouble with that was the jaded Paulistano's who decline fliers, politely of course. The most disheartening part was seeing one of my fliers thrown on the ground and trampled. We then crossed the road to the crafts fair where I managed to hand out a few before we gave up and headed home.

On the bus ride home, we were desperately wishing for rain... anything to cool off. As the bus meandered home, there was a church on a hill off to one side. Sliding down the grassy hill on scraps of cardboard were a group of brown skinned boys. The white-toothed grin the one presented us with as he reached the bottom made me grateful it wasn't raining. They were having so much fun.

I think we'll just have sandwiches tonight. It is far too hot to cook.

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