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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Dear Daughter

When your godmother woke you far too early, you stumbled to the phone, but your inherent bubbly spirit was soon smiling and laughing (pink teddies?). Exhausted, you stumbled back to bed. Naturally, it was reaaally hard to wake you up this morning, as it is every morning, but you pulled through, smiling (major strength of spirit there!). A night of broken sleep and early phone calls and you left home after cake and gifts looking like a ray of sunshine. How do you do it?

Wherever I go, people talk about you... 'simpatico', bubbly, friendly, beautiful, yada yada... Even the packer at the supermarket smiled and commented that, "I see your princess is now working." I think he has his eye on you ; )  Yes, you leave an impression wherever you go.

I will never know what great good I must have done at some point to deserve a daughter like you. Hardly a day goes by where you don't amaze me with your kindness, strength (I won't test your Aikido skills again! 0.o ), courage, and sheer bounce-back-ability.

tat 19th birthday

Once a small child that needed to hold my hand, now blossoming into a beautiful woman!


My child

My friend

My flesh

My blood

My inspiration

My love

My hopes

My fears

My desires

My dreams

My life

All in "ONE"


Happy Birthday, Tatiana! With so much love,

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