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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A quick blog

There is such a thing? A quick blog?

I have the morning off today, so I'm wading through housework and doing a photo restoration job I need to complete, in snatches, before Friday. I learned this week that one of the local photo printing places (not the place that charges the equivalent of US$200 per photo) has had a major promotion going for 'photo restoration'. My deal is to now undercut their prices and give better quality. Hey... if I earn 10 bucks per photo, at least it is a 10 I didn't have before, right?

I got a job in. The cleaning lady at Tat's work saw my flier and asked if it is very expensive. Of course not! ; ) The original is a tiny 2 x 3" photo, but luckily I got to scan it, so it is high resolution.


I have a couple of other photos to work on, which are actually a bit harder, as their resolution is very low, but they're doable. I just hope I can get a printable quality out of them. This is great! I am enjoying keeping busy, but I miss my friends here.

Oh, remember our infamous potholes when it rains here? This one was not in São Paulo, the city, but fairly close and still within state lines.
Click on the top link to view a photo slide show, which will give you a good idea of what they're dealing with here. The driver was alone in the vehicle and died in the fall. That crater that opened up was over 10m (around 32 feet) deep!! Apparently, there was a water pipe below the road.

Ok, let me get back to work : )

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