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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The working world


It seems that I'm back in the world of English (ESL) teaching in full force now. I went today to register with the 'corporativa' (co-op). Hearing 'corporativa' all day made me think of "Corporasie stories". Remember that series? It was a South African tv series way back when. The 'corporativa' here seems to be some sort of a union type of organisation. I don't rightly care what they are. They are organising a bank account for me. Heck, I don't even need to go into the bank to get it. The girl from the 'corporativa' fetched myself and my translator (Jorge) from the School and drove us back. She offered. She said it was too unbearably hot to walk and bus back. She had a point. The car was like an oven. Trust me, we were grateful for the ride.

I'll be teaching every day, it seems. Not all my students are back into 'school' mode yet, but Monday to Saturday will be the norm, with classes in the morning before the working day, in the afternoons (those would be the kids after school), and in the evenings, ending at 10pm. Then there's Saturday morning and afternoon. Next time you hear me complain about lack of work, please kick me. The 'corporativa' wants me to go back to private teaching where I go to the students' companies. That will mean going into the city in the evenings by bus. It will also mean more money, but I'll be taking a very late bus home every day. I'm fairly keen to do it, but the idea of all that travelling isn't appealing.

Tat was chatting to George tonight. Their chatting sent me on another trip down memory lane... the parts I don't usually explore. He got me thinking about my mother, who is now an old lady in a wheelchair with Parkinsons, still as feisty as ever from what I hear. And Christmases. Funny... with both my brothers, my gran's cooking is what seems the most memorable. It has been interesting comparing each 'child's memory. I need to upload more photos for them to see, not that I have many. I wonder where all the photos went. Jim, my grandfather, always had his camera on hand in its brown leather case. When not in use, it hung behind my bedroom door. I would fiddle with it in secret. I'm surprised it worked.

Oi... I'm tired and rambling. I'm off to bed. My social life has come to a grinding halt. I'm now having to make myself useful. Omg... that takes work! ; ) Oh and the photo? That was the two Japanese kids I taught. The condition of my teaching them was that Tat would go with to speak English to them while I taught the mother. Needless to say, that particular English never happened. I taught the kids for some years... close to 4 if I remember correctly. Ugh... I'm starting to ramble again...

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