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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I learnt today....

(photo swiped off Tat's pc, taken by her in our old garden)

...that little things can add up to make it a good day. I am not at my own pc. My video board's fan is dying fast and very noisily, so Jorge has taken my board in to try to find a new fan. But... in the meantime, I went to shop for our meat for the week. Our supermarket has some really good specials on Wednesday morning. So... the little things...

  • I saw our favourite dog on the road into the village, Phantom (our name for him because of his black and white comic face), playing ball with his owner. He stopped playing ball to greet me. Ok, he barked. I say, he greeted me, so don't tell me otherwise.
  • When one of the butchers recognises you out of the crowd, in spite of being very busy and smiles and greets you
  • I didn't turn and slap the woman behind me for repeatedly shoving her shopping basket up my rear. Three cheers for self control ; ) 
  • Getting to the cashier to find that, in spite of being prepared to have gone over budget, I was under my budget enough to dash back into the store for some dessert for tonight
  • When I asked if the cashier minded if I dashed in to get one more item, he smiled instead of scowling and there was no one behind me in the queue (I had left the monster queue at the butcher)
  • I was so proud of myself for being within budget, that I smiled..... and lo and behold... people smiled back ; )
  • The sun is shining. It is a bright day with clear blue skies (ok, I'm sweating like a pig and humidity is super high, but...)

Oops! I just remembered. I need to get laundry down and do supper, as I won't be around at supper time. Pity is that I can't work on the photos today either with my pc out of commission. I am teaching the two groups of teens today. I keep wondering what they are saying behind their hands *rolls eyes* Hope you're all having a splendid day!

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