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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Ten... or so.... muddled thoughts

grafitti eye

My thoughts are trapped in my head. No wonder I have communication 'issues'. I think I think too much. Case in point... I started this post 6 hours ago *sigh*

Someone will say something or ask a question and I'll get so wrapped up in my response, that they never get to hear it and end up thinking I'm ignoring them or don't know the answer. The same thing happens to blogs and e-mails. I'll often have a string of blog posts open waiting for answers.... and they wait... and while I'm thinking of all the things I want say in reply, I get distracted with other bits of infringing 'life'.

Many times, I will have my response to someone so well thought out, that I honestly believe that I have verbalised it (or written it down)... only to wonder later why they had no idea what was going on in my head.
My distractions for the day.... I'm once again searching for people. I have found that the people I look for either have names that are far too complicated or are far too common. I seem to be getting nowhere... a bit like swimming through a forest of seaweed. Now that was definitely a random thought association!

Oh and the photo? A huge graffiti wall in the center of the city. See the black and white pattern? That is São Paulo's trademark paving. No other state is allowed to use that pattern on their sidewalks. Each city has it's own pattern. I think it is so that if you end up in a city accidentally, you can identify where you are by the pattern on the sidewalk.... assuming you know all the patterns and not your location. Weird...

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  1. Ugh... Ditto on the muddled thoughts thing. :-\


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