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Wednesday, 03 September 2008



I posted the photo of Jorge and I as a group challenge on the subject of 'humour'. The South Africans will 'get' this one.

I'm the hard of hearing one in the family. Jorge, on the other hand, has selective hearing, but we often tease him about being deaf because he is so 'tuned out' a lot of the time. For our anniversary, Tatiana sent us an anniversary card from home with "Hoesê?" (translates directly to "How say?" or "What??" with emphasis) on it. Correctly written, it would be, "Hoe sê...", as a lead in to asking something like, "How do you say....?"  "Hoesê" in this form, though, is a catch phrase in South Africa. It comes from an old TV series where one of the characters would often shout that term. Seffies... please help me out with the name of the program. It is killing me!
PS. Did any of that make any sense to anyone who didn't know what it meant?

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  1. LOL

    I never watched much Afrikaans stuff, but I did watch Orkney Snork Nie.

    Beyond that and Hass Das se Nuus Kas oh... wait! My all time FAVOURITE Afrikaans show - Oskar the rabbit and Knersus the Pterodactyl! I can still sing the theme tune. OMH, am I sad or what? ROFL

    doom doom doom doom...
    lah-di-dah di-dah! ;-)


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