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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Picture Perfect - Repetition

Taken with a Canon Rebel XT. Do click on the image for a larger version.

When I mentioned what the theme is for this week, Jorge got all excited and listed a bunch of photographic candidates. He was running around getting items, lining them up, trying them this way and that. All I had to do was take photos. I must say, I got some pretty spiffy photos of some really humdrum household stuff. Perhaps I'll put them here anyway... for your amusement.

My final choice for today's theme wasn't a photo I took today. To me, technology is simply a half-hearted (though mankind tries really hard) attempt at copying nature. Just look at this palm... the repetition in the leaves. The mere spacing between the leaves is near perfect. Then there's the rows upon rows of fruits. This is where repetition really comes in. I have a zoomed in photo of those 'beads' and you'd never say it comes off the lowly palm.
Let me give you a laugh with this afternoon's playing then...

Jorge wanted me to show the rows of blades and the rows of little dots along the blades, then I caught sight of the shadow, repeating the pattern of the blades... naturally, my eye was drawn to the contrast with the wood and the repetitive pattern in the grain too.

I nearly didn't post this one. After all, who wants to see my broom anyway??? Then again, if you want repetition, this is definitely it!

My first choice had been this drill bit that I found tucked away in Jorge's toolbox. It's actually a monster of a drillbit, thicker than my thumb (saves me looking up conversions). The wood it's lying on is a turkey-carving board Jorge is making for me in time for Christmas.
Yes, I know there are 4 photos! I'm a brat... I know it... yep!

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