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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Picture Perfect - Harvest

Photo taken with a Canon SD10 digital elph. Feel free to click on the image for a larger version.

The Picture Perfect theme for this week nearly 'had' me. I live in a huge metropolis, which is not known for it's vast expanses of corn fields ; ) I'm posting early to satisfy the curiosity of certain individuals and because I'll be out for most of tomorrow (and by Friday, I'd have forgotten what I was going to post).

I was looking through my photos in a rather desultory manner, not holding out much hope for the perfect photo, when I remembered the Ataiba Flores e Morangos Festival we went to in 2005.

Ataiba is a small town to the south of us. Every year, it has a festival celebrating the coming of spring and the strawberry harvests. This 'mermaid' was in the underwater theme section.

There were other themes. A Japanese palace theme where the entire figure of a lady in traditional kimono was made of flowers. Although there was a lot of Japanese, the main entertainment section was Russian. Two nationalities one doesn't associate with Brazil offhand.

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  1. The food sculpture of the mermaid is amazing. :)


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