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Friday, 09 November 2007

Picture Perfect - Looking Through

Photo taken with a Canon SD10 Digital Elph

if you could look
through my skin
into my mind
into my soul

what would you see

would you see
the flaws
that catch
the light

would you see
the stains
that make
odd patterns

would you see
the damage
the years
have wrought

would you see
the whole
and choose
me anyway

because i'm different

© tint

The Picture Perfect theme for this week is "Looking through". The photo is of my crystal. When I went crystal shopping, I heard words like 'flawless', 'perfect', 'unmarred', 'not dirty'. I found crystals that matched those words, but didn't like them. I ended up buying a crystal that was like me.... a crystal that was flawed, but carried a flame in its heart.

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