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Monday, 15 November 2010


I found the poem!

caught and jailed
my crime was existing
i was to teach the world a lesson
no one was prepared to learn

children screech
and point their fingers
they say i am ugly
in my world, i was attractive

my wings
made for flying in
open blue skies are weak
from lack of use

this prison is small
my sentence unfinished
here i will end my days
watching children point

© tint~


  1. Sad. :( And I think he's beautiful in THIS world, too. :)

  2. Sigh. It's a wonderful poem, with much truth in it. Vultures are very interesting creatures, and the more I learn about them, the more I like them. They really are awesome.

  3. Wonderful poem and post with much truth, Tint, on many levels. Excellent matching of words and pic.

  4. beautiful, Tint... heartfelt and sooo true. *sigh

  5. "my crime was existing"....awwww, I almost cried.

  6. Thanks everyone : )

    The sight of this big, beautiful, tired and dignified-looking bird in his small(ish) meshed-off area broke my heart. I know zoo's are meant to be good and they're there to educate, but this chap wasn't educating. No one was telling the little horrors that his life was precious too. It's a horrible life sentence.

  7. Many of the large birds (eagles, hawks, vultures) in US zoos are "rescues". They are unable to survive in the wild due to some sort of injury or defect (broken wig, partial blindness... that sort of thing), but they can live healthy lives with human assistance.

  8. Splendid, especially with the picture. I really have come to dislike zoos.

  9. ohh so sad! sad that is true.. many of them live such a horrible life..
    your words are deeply touching, Tint.

  10. Sad photo and poem I didn't think Eagles could be in zoos unless they were already injured by a hunter who shouldn't have shot them or something like that..but I always feel sorry for birds that cannot fly around..Parakeets in cages and parrots make me feel sad somehow too


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