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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Day by day

I call this the Metro Shuffle

Sveiki! A Lithuanian greeting, which means 'Health!'

Seems I never get the chance to write here. When I log in, there are friends to catch up on  and, by the time I'm done, I've forgotten what I wanted to say. Oh heck, who am I trying to fool? Honestly? I arrive on my blog, stare at the screen, trying to convert the week into words; thus scattering what little cohesive thought I started out with.

With this in mind, I'm going to attempt this in daily (or thereabouts) nibbles.

Last week, our focus for the week was on Tat's visit with the family in Lithuania. Jurgis enjoying his time there was one thing. It had been a dream of his for most of his life. She first stayed with Dalius and Oksana. The message I got was - I'm happy. In short, they were wonderful. I'll get the details later, as her pc died on her when she arrived in Lithuania and she hasn't been able to get it fixed yet.

From there, she went to stay with Teta Irena, Vaidas, Sonata and the boys. She was online more there and having a ball. When she was due to leave, she said it felt like she was leaving home all over again. I can't begin to express my thanks to all who made her visit there such a wonderful experience!

On Monday, I had no students (cancellations - joy!). It was good though. We were able to video chat with Tat via Skype and I finally got to meet the family. They're every bit as wonderful as Jurgis and Tat said they are. I can't wait to meet them in person!

On Monday we also go word that the front house is finally getting a tenant, but only for 15 days out of every month. That should be odd to deal with. Jurgis knows him, a nice enough guy, our landlord's business partner. We'll see how that goes. It does mean that Romany is once again restricted to just our half of the property, poor thing, though we do take him on walks more often now.

Tuesday started with a cancellation as I was walking out the door. I do wish they'd cancel before get all dressed up! That left me home for a couple of hours - good time to catch up with some correspondence. I later left for my next student after calling her to confirm the class. One bus, two metros and a 10 minute walk later, I was at the entrance to their office block and my delightful ringtone went off. I love getting calls because I love the tune! Anyway, it was the secretary. She needed to cancel.Ugh! Perhaps I just dreamed the earlier confirmation call.

Wednesday, I got to chat to a long lost friend (ok, not so long or lost) *and* my little girl! That was good. A surprise email made my heart skip happily : )

Thursday ~ dreaming of green pastures and soft, rolling hills ~

I dreamt last night that I was leaving an institution, a nameless, faceless multi-storey block with small, impersonal rooms. I was sitting on the bed talking to an elderly, long-dead friend and explaining why I was giving her a scarf, as I don't wear scarves and won't be needing it.

Two men came to blows in the metro car over the last half-inch of space and had to be separated by security. One guy, the shorter one, was told to get off. I felt for him, as he wasn't the instigator, but I guess the security guy felt he would be easier to control. The guy who was trying to pull punches was huge. Either way, they were both in the wrong. If the metro is full, you wait for the next one. The trains come through with only a minute or so between them during peak hour. It's not as though they'd have to wait a long time. The photo up above is where I decided to wait for the next one, but, believe it or not, there are those who'll still try to squeeze into that.

It was a surreal kind of morning. I swiped my security card through at the bank, only to be told "User blocked" - the kind of words that generally cause heart stoppage and panic. The nice lady at security consoled me with information that I'd be getting a sparkly new card. Whew! Apparently, they'd stopped that particular type of card. I got a temporary card and made my way to the student. At the back where the coffee machines are, there was a lady moving tables  and arranging mountains of diapers... in a bank? Turns out it's someone's baby shower. I waited. I got a message from an anonymous lady to call my student. Apparently he had a) lost my number and b) overslept, so there would be no class. Great! That gave me time to organise my new security pass. It's not a pretty yellow one like the old card, but it does announce me in bold letters as a "Professor". One very badly taken photo...

More good news this evening : ) The news isn't mine to tell and we're waiting for confirmation anyway, but it's starting to look as though 2011 is shaping up to be a good year. Ahh... nice!

I'm off to bed now. I woke up this morning feeling as though I was drugged and that feeling hasn't changed much. Does it show? =Þ

Oh... before I go... a few of you are TUT enthusiasts. Have you heard Mike Dooley's latest talk? It's awesome! If you can't find the talk, let me know and I'll upload it. It is available online at a few locations, but not for download. I saved it so that I can listen on my little ipod : )


  1. Ooohh sounds like a bit of a topsy turvy week with cancellations, but not bad over all! I'm soooo excited for your 2011, I hope things go the way you need them to go!

    Many wonderful adventures to you and yours! *HUGS*

  2. Lots of good, happy things, Tint. I continue to be hopeful and happy for you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog. I like your writing style. It is very pleasant to read.
    When you say Tut, do you mean king Tut? Just curious.
    PS: We call the metro the subway here and sometimes they are stuffed like sardines too. Mostly at rush hour though. The rest of the time it is not as crowded. Rush hour is from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm.

  4. Lots of positive things!! Like Kippy, I'm hopeful for you too. xo

  5. Roll on 2011!!!!

    Thanks for finally getting to writing ;)

    I loved hearing about Tat's adventures in Dad's Land ;)

  6. Lovely Blog, Tint. Thank you for sharing. What do you teach? Should they not pay anyway, when they cancel so late? Here a fee is applicable if appointment is not canceled within 24 hours, whether tutoring or medical or similar.

  7. well, you managed to get a weeks worth of blog(S) in just one blog...busy.
    Looks like it might pay to be thin when boarding a metro car? (Love the pic).
    Maybe the baby/diapers... was making a deposit ? ?
    Glad Tat is doing good.... I miss her entries in Multiply. Talk to her about that. ~:<)

  8. Proffessor L*********** sounds very grand and suits you! :)
    So glad the visit went well and Tat had a wonderful time. Also happy and excited for you. Bring on 2011!! Hope your weekend is simply wonderful.

  9. Well Hallo Professor Tint! I am so glad to hear Tat had a good time in Lithuania. I understand that the family is trying to move there, even if it is not official? May your long wish to leave Brazil come true. Those last minute cancellations are NOT acceptable. You deserve better. I agree that a small fee for last minute cancellation is in order. When we don't value our time ourselves, others don't either. Learning this, late, the hard way. Hugs.

  10. yeah..good to catch up!


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