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Monday, 15 November 2010

Birds, freedom, secrets

I've well and truly been absent, haven't I? Thing is, a lot has been happening on this end, but nothing I could really blog about. I haven't been busy enough with work, yet I've been very busy. I'm trying to get a few things in order geared at some long-term plans we've had. Unfortunately, most of it I'm not in a position to talk about... yet :) Top secret! Shhh!! Trust me, when all is finalised, I'll be yelling from the rooftops.

Aside from that, I've been feeling fairly isolated, which is entirely my own fault. The only place I communicate in any way with a friend or friends is here, in blogosphere - and a little in Facebook. I haven't been a good friend. I haven't been commenting on blogs or posting any of my own. Heck, I haven't even been reading really... mostly just glancing through. My mail comes in and I flip through the emails, dealing with work emails and pretty much deleting the rest. I have no idea why I've been that way and I'm worried that it's becoming habitual. It's as though the world has been tipped on its side. Things look odd if you look at them tilted.

And no, I'm not miserable, far from it. Ok, I am miserable that I haven't spoken to my friends, but yeah... aside from that.

Why are there still those dumb video spam virus messages coming through? Eejits.

Ok, ok... I'll give you a clue... the secret involves a little patch of green far, far away from here... very far.

Tat is flying to Lithuania tonight to meet the fandamily. I hope she likes it there. She has a week to see all and do all and meet all. Should be fun. If she forgets her camera again, I will personally commit harikari on her. I missed seeing poppy day in London because her camera wasn't attached to her arm where it belonged.

Oh and that mournful chap up top? The video below reminded me of him. I even wrote a poem about him at the time. I'll be darned if I can find it. The video is stunning though. My birdie friends will like it. The lady is South African... for those curious about our accents. I don't sound like that though =Þ Or do I?

Do visit the YouTube page for more links related to the video.


  1. I like your voice better than hers, but yes, that sounds about like you sound to me. :) Beautiful cinematography in that video! What a great job she's doing. :)

    You've been quiet, yes. Even when you're "here" (online) you seem not quite here, if you know what I mean. I've just chalked it up to your brain running at a thousand miles an hour. :) Or maybe up to me not being on msgr much lately myself. Whatever. You've not been a bad friend ... you've just been working on a better future, and thank goodness for that!

    I hope Tat has a great trip!

  2. We all seem to go through times when we aren't communicative, need a break, need to focus on what's going on at home. Thanks for sharing your feelings! Eager to hear about the long range plans with the patch of green!

    That is an amazing video of this gal's project. She is so blessed to be able to do that! Imagine soaring like that over the land! Wow!!

  3. Have noticed the quiet from there and hoping that you were OK and am glad to hear from you. But I agree that we all need breaks for whatever reasons on occasion! And look, we're still here!
    I hope that your plans are working out as we speak and that Tat has a GREAT trip :-)

  4. I'd like to be a bird. Kind of sad that's the only thing I can think to say right now---but I didn't want to show up and say nothing haha. But I would like to fly.

  5. Kippy, I sound like that? Wow.... whodathunkit? The video is beautiful. It actually made me think of you and your eagles and hawks. I spent a lifetime afraid of heights, but watching that, I'd love to go para-sailing - it is para-sailing, right? I'm suddenly stumped. Yeah... Tat is the only one I talk to on messenger now and she's been offline with internet issues, but it isn't totally that *shrug* Who knows. I was fed up today because the one thing I have been doing is responding to the occasional pm that comes through, but the darn spammers have ruined that for me. Hmph!

    Faye, I don't even think it's that I needed the break. I have no idea what's happening to my head. I decided to jump in here today because if I left it longer, I may have faded away altogether. I need to connect. I'm eager to hear about the long range plans too! : )

    Marty, I'm glad you're all still here :) And yes, I really, really, really hope the plans work out and soon... and that Tat has a great trip.

    Kat, it's ok... you came, you spoke... it's more than I've been doing and wanting to fly free isn't a bad thing :)

  6. Oh, I hope Tat will have a nice trip and will take lots of pictures. Late autumn IMHO is not the greatest season to come here, but, on the other hand, so far autumn was fairly mild this year, so that should still do for a nice trip and some sightseeing.
    Tint, I totally get that distancing from everyone and everywhere part. Something alike happens to me once in a while. Riding with a flow is a feeling I get then. It's like all is well, and I'm mostly content, but just take no action to actually DO anything. Well, even that is not close... Anyway, sometimes plunging yourself into cold water and making yourself swim when you'd rather be sunbathing is at times the greater err

  7. On dear Tint...I too have been absent in more ways than one; please excuse me-life seems to be running around in circles and I am trying my heardest to eiter keep up with it or to get out of it's way. My job does seem to keep me rather isolated... keep your chin up. The sun will come out tomorrow, won't it? I'm bettng my bottom dollar on tomorrow. :)

  8. Dear Tint, we all have times when real meat life comes first! Keeping my fingers crossed for your plans involving patches of green. Tat is so beautiful and special, she will make that family fall in love with her. The video is spectacular, thanks. Dear goodness, one can spend one's life watching youtube! All the best.

  9. Tint~
    I think I understand how you've been feeling... ditto... that's how we cope sometimes. You've been in my thoughts and prayers very much of late and I hope these plans unfold very soon and there's light at the end of the tunnel! {{BIG HUGS}} !!

  10. Your second paragraph describes me just perfectly. I blogged about it quite recently, too. What is t? The time of the year, the year of the decade?! I don't know.. I really hope your secret plans go as they should, or even better -I really want to see you yelling from the rooftops ;)) I'd looove to try that, some day! Oops, I'm referring to the video now ;))


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