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Thursday, 28 October 2010


We're in daylight savings now, so I get to see the sun rise at a stop. Usually I'm in transit. Still fairly dark when I leave home though. It was only after I saved the photo to my pc that I noticed the rainbow... faint, but it's there. I have no idea if it was really there or if it was caused somehow by my camera. I like it though.

So much to be grateful for today. Tat had a much better paper-chase experience today - more thanks go out to strangers reaching out. On that note, if you ever want to show random kindness towards a stranger, just know that it is never wasted. It can make all the difference!

My bus disappeared into the early morning semi-dark, so I settled into a stroll thinking I had at least 20 minutes to wait for the next one. Just then, the next bus came. Either the previous one was very late or this one was very early. I flagged the bus from a good distance away. The driver saw me, pulled up at the opposite corner and waited!! What and angel. And... the bus had scads of seating!

Cute... just passed a bridal dressmaking shop - a tortoiseshell and white cat is in the window watching the passing traffic.

There was a girl reading a book (translated) on the metro - Christiane F. - a book about a 14 year old girl who was caught up in a life of drugs and prostitution (true story). It came as recommended reading and viewing - there's a movie too - when I was a teen. I can't think of a more depressing book to start a day with.

The Christiane book girl has nodded off and is falling over onto the woman next to her. On the other side sits a girl trying very hard to look like she isn't crying. I hope her day gets better.

~                          ~                           ~

At the bank building, outside, there is a beautiful old tree with branches that go on forever. Under it was a group of youngsters, their backpacks up against the wall. They were having a really good time. A cloud of smoke hovered over them as they puffed away on the bong. One played guitar off to the side. A few were passing around bottles of booze. The security looked uncomfortable, but did nothing about it. My student and I discussed conspiracy theories and voting (not too much difference between the two).

Afterwards, I went to the shopping centre near my next student. It's already done up for Christmas!! And the Christmas shops are open! I wandered around there for about half an hour only to be called... my student cancelled... again. She thought changing her times back to her old times would help with cancellations. Uh huh. It helped, all right. So I mooched off home. My evening student has changed his time for Saturday morning. There go the weekends.

C'est la vie... and another week ends...


  1. I absolutely love your travel tales...and I can see the rainbow..ty :)

  2. Nice picture.... it just "looks"..... early morning.

  3. what a day on the way. feels like i'm there. :) beautiful morning and rainbow!

  4. Maybe yoy day did not go as you planned but I enjoyed being invited to keep you company :))

  5. We change our time to wintertime too tonight. Yay ... one hour more to sleep, lol!
    And it will be a bit lighter when I have to go to work ... that'll make it easier. I find it so hard to wake up when it's still pitch dark.

    "Christiane F" ... now that brings back memories. As it is written by a German I had to read it for my German exams ... in German of course. It was not one of my favorites :(

  6. Yes!! Europe is closer to us in time now, Riete... great news!! I'm used to being awake in the dark. As a night owl, I prefer it. Dark mornings mean I can pretend I'm still a night owl LOL I'd hate to have had to read Christiane F in German. It was depressing enough in English. In Dutch class, we had do to Don Quijote... freaky. That was fun though.

    It wasn't an overly exciting day. I think stopping for that sunrise was about the most exciting part. Oh and my driver waiting for me... that made my day! Doesn't take much, does it? =Þ

  7. I love the picture, it makes the city seem just a reach away!

  8. Marty, those buildings are apartment blocks heading to the city perimeters. The city is behind me in this photo. The photo was taken in a suburbanish neighbourhood. I say 'ish' because this city doesn't have a suburbia.

  9. Great news about Tat, Tint! I'm so glad things are going well in that arena. You sound happy in this blog, even though there are not-so-happy things around you. I'm really glad. :)

  10. We change our clocks soon here too & the stores are getting ready for Christmas as well. I have to go to work in the dark sometimes and the first thing I saw walking through the doors today was a huge Christmas tree

  11. Our clocks turn back this weekend. We always look forward to that extra hour of sleep Saturday night.

    Very interesting day. I'm amazed that folks could sit out in public smoking dope and drinking. Don't think you could get away with that here.

    Our stores are getting Christmas things up already. Can't it wait until AFTER Thanksgiving? Until Dec 1? How in the world did we live without Christmas showing up on the heels of Halloween???

    I could see the rainbow!


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