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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Photography challenge - Destruction

Graham Ettridge has a monthly photography challenge on his blog. If you would like to join in, stop by at his blog.

According to the guidelines, we should post a photograph representing the theme, then explain, if need be, the connection. In this case, other photos would explain it. I spent a while trying various scenes that would go with the 'destruction' theme. In the end, my daughter and I had some fun...

I started shooting 'to perfection', but accidentally had some curious effects creeping in, at which point, I decided to have some fun with it. We were tickled by the ghostly effect of some of the shots. The card pack is really old, so this works.


Our first destruction... rather accidental....

Destruction with gusto..... !


  1. WOW! This is great! I love the way you have shown us the build up of the cards first... it demonstrates how much work had to be put into the construction. This when adds even more impact to the final two photographs where the fun destruction takes place!!!!

    The motion that you have captured in the final photograph is fun, exciting and perfectly captures the theme of destruction. A great interpretation!!!!

    Thanks for your wonderful contribution. I do hope you stay around for the future months challenges!!!

  2. Wow, good job! The "ghost effect" really ads up to the picture and makes it perfect for the destruction theme.

    Do you enjoy your life in Brazil? I visited the country a few years ago and loved it... Portuguese was quite a challenge though!

    Will be back!

  3. Thank you, Graham! :) I will be around for more challenges if I can remember to find them. I'm adding your blog to my feeds.

    Thanks for visiting Zhu! I eventually found your blog and figured out how to comment there.... what fun! As I said in your comments, Brazil has been a challenge and the language even more so. My biggest 'issue' is with the masculine and feminine forms . I have yet to understand what makes a knife a female and a fork a male.... *without* witticisms from the men ;)

  4. I love it Tint! brilliant idea for destruction and I just love the captured ghosting motion.

    I sympathise with the language. I speak a little Spanish (very very little!) and the whole gender of things bamboozles me too.

  5. 'Bamboozle' is an understatement! haha!

  6. Hiya, just a quick note to let you know that I have now posted the April challenge!! Have fun :)


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