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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Illumination - A Picture Perfect Theme

Blogger doesn't show the whole photo. Please click here to see the original. The link will open on a new page.

The only flag missing here is the Lithuanian flag to make up the countries we, as a family, represent. Yes, there are two South African flags, the old and the new. The old flag is there for a special reason. That flag was bought for me at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. My family were Voortrekkers (pioneers). The flag means a lot to me. The little boat is an oddity. It was given to us by Darcy. It is made of copper. It is a replica, apparently, of the fishing rafts used in the North East of Brazil. I took this photo one night when I was lighting candles on the shelves of our little display cabinet. Not the most exciting photo, but there you have it : )

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  1. We still have a Rhodesian flag and an old South African one. :-)

    The metal boat reminds me a lot of my grandpa. He used to make things out of junk he found on the garbage dump. He made a gondola out of a car bumper and a penny farthing bicycle out of copper pipes. When we unpack again I must try to find the photos and scan them onto computer.

  2. That Rhodesian flag must be truly rare now. The only place it is legal to sell the old SA flag is at the Voortrekker monument. I still want the biiiiig one :) I can't see the flag being allowed anywhere in Zim :( Wonder how their latest elections are going... if at all.


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