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Monday, 24 March 2008

A Lithuanian Easter in Brazil

We, as a family, don't celebrate Easter, so for us, it was a pretty ordinary weekend, except for my insistence on trying to make hot cross buns without the right spices and... the eggs. I went to the little Lithuanian shop that we usually buy all our sweet treats from. They make the most magical Torta Holandesa and pies of all sorts.

We were in the shop, so that Tat could buy a dessert (the Torta Hollandesa) for my birthday dinner when I spotted these gorgeous eggs. We asked the lady about them. They're hand-painted Lithuanian Easter eggs. When painting the eggs, there is apparently a little ceremony that goes with it. The design on the egg is meant to represent the coming of spring and the growth of the wheat. I got us each an egg. Apparently, the eggs give prosperity. We could do with some : )

We found this photo in the Lithuanian online newspaper (from Lithuania). Needless to say, I don't understand a word of the newspaper, so I couldn't read more about the eggs. I assume they would say much the same as what the little Lithuanian lady told us here. These are hardboiled eggs. She swore that they would last many years if kept unbroken. We won't get the chance to test that... they broke on the way home. What a pity.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.... those who celebrate Easter and those who don't.


  1. Lithuania? Wow, that's an area I know nothing about.

    We had a very quiet Easter as Sandy was working and my mom and I were packing to move. We bought buns from a supermarket and they were yuck! No spice.

    My mom used to bake her own. I must see if we still have the recipe or if it was one of those things left behind in Africa.

    The funniest Easter greeting I got this year was from a Jewish friend in SA. She sent me this really evil ecard of a cute (but with annoying *chirp chirp*) little chick getting squashed.I'll forgive her because she sends me my best Christmas ecards. She has a secret "thing" for Christmas (secret from her family, that is!)

    Sandy's family used to paint eggs and go roll them on Easter. Nobody does that anymore here, but there were two Easter Egg hunts in our area here. Sadly the weather was horrific - gales, rain and snow.

    Today it is glorious and sunny... and about as warm as Joburg in mid winter. lol

  2. Your Jewish friend sounds fun ;) I would love your mom's bun recipe. Sadly, we don't get mixed spice here, which is what they all call for and I don't know the spice mix that goes into mixed spice, so I just wing it.

  3. "if it was one of those things left behind in Africa" *sigh* I can soooo relate :(


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