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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Ilhabela - or something like that

We were meant to leave this morning at 7:30am. Well.... Anne pitched up here at 10am. Good start lol Then we got lost trying to get out of São Paulo. Gee... this city is confusing!!! I'm so used to navigating from bus stop to bus stop and recognising places from my perch in the bus. Navigating around the intricacies of SP roads and rodovarios is... uh... somewhat beyond my skills lol especially with a friend who makes decisions on where to go long before the spot is found on the map. Well, unlike men (hehe) we asked directions and eventually found ourselves on the road to Santos (that's where she believed we were meant to be headed). Tunnels... tunnels.... The one was 4km long and there were about 5 of them. The on-the-road scenery would have been stunning if it weren't raining. Note here... the weather forcast said 26°C and clear skies over Ilhabela, which is why we persevered.

Blow me down if we didn't get lost in Santos too. We took a ferry (great fun) to Guarulhos (Brazilians out there... please excuse my spelling of these places), got lost in Guarulhos, made our way back and by 1:30pm, we were finally on our way to Ilhabela. The weather report didn't lie.... over Ilhabela - I think a spot of around 4 sq meters - the sky was clear! We took another ferry across to the island. I think I like ferries :) By the time we got onto the island, it was late afternoon and too late for decent exploring, but now we know (I think) where to go next time.

The road home. We took a different road, apparently very scenic. I think the 'powers that be' decided to 'water the garden' and they had one of those high pressure hoses. For most of the twisty-turny pass up the mountain and down the other side, we travelled at maximum 40km/hour as we couldn't see where we were going. Nail-biting stuff. Fortunately, the road itself was pretty good. I need to get the photos off my camera and uploaded still. Will deal with that tomorrow when I can think clearly again.

We arrived home to a closed up house. Jorge was snoring away, so I booted him 'awake' and asked him why he couldn't at least leave the place open for us. He muttered something about leaving a night light on for me (we don't have a night light - turned out to be the pc screen he'd left on). He then turned over and was muttering about fire-flies. Go figure! lol

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