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Saturday, 26 March 2005

Quiet Saturday

Tat's boyfriend is coming over and I'm serving Winter pasta - its part of my menu mailer and sounds delish. I'll check in later to give a report. For desert, we'll have milk tart - yummy! I need to make the desert for tomorrow when we go to Anne's for the easter egg hunt. I'll make double milk tart and take the second one with and I'm making Mousse de maracujá or Grenadella mousse. Its delish and so easy to make. You just take a can of condensed milk, same quantity of cream and grenadella (passion fruit) pulp (without the pips) and beat them together in the liquidiser. Pop it into the fridge to set and you're done.

House is tidy... Tat is busy with origami and Jorge is burning cd's. The dogs are sleeping, Maluco is out hunting - or whatever it is that he goes off to do lol and Specs is curled up in her box. Kind of Saturday I like :)

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