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Monday, 28 March 2005

Sunday - March 27th

We went to Anne's today for lunch and her traditional Easter egg hunt. We actually had hot cross buns and chocolate coated marshmallow easter eggs!! Wow!! She got G to bring them to Brazil when he came over on Thursday. Poor Anne fell on Thursday too and is very obviously sore. For lunch, we had chicken she had baked in a sauce of mayonnaise and chutney. Deeevine! Of course, Jorge was horrified because its sweet and sour and had raisins in to boot lol but he ate without complaining. The Mousse de maracujá and milk tart went over well, except for the kiddo that insisted on mushing his milk tart, mousse (two totally different flavours) together with, of all things, spring onion flavoured crisps!! Eeew!! All in all, it was a lovely day. We paid a fortune in taxi fare though because 'certain people' refuse to use maps... ugh!

Ah... on yesterday's 'entertainment'. I made the Winter pasta recipe. I liked it, but it wasn't rave review stuff. We found out afterwards that Tat's boyfriend was horrified because they've gone vegetarian at home and then to find no meat in his pasta here lol He seemed to enjoy the milk tart, but then who doesn't enjoy milk tart??

Enough for today. In the morning, if the weather is fine, we'll be going to Ilhabela. Better make sure my camera batteries are charged and the memory is clear :)

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