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Wednesday, 05 December 2012

The Hermitage

Today, I truly feel like a farmer’s wife again. As I sit here, I have a pot of Hermit Soup (a name I’ve just given it… for fun) on the stove - to be served with buttery slices of crusty Killruddery cheese bread.

hermit soup

Jurgis is snoring in front of the fire, sinking ever lower into the couch. We have spent the dark afternoon time watching videos on permaculture planning and design, drawing up elaborate plans involving chickens, vegetables, fruit trees and forests. At this point, I’m relatively content.


It’s out second day at The Cottage in the Wicklow mountains. We woke up to what we thought was a thick frost layer this morning. It was, instead, thin, icy snow and it stayed. Needless to say, I slipped on an icy log. I consider the place now initiated into my stability. No harm was done, though my dignity suffered yet another blow.

I set up the compost bin today and frittered away 10 minutes picking up pine cones, which are now, hopefully, drying out nicely over the fire. If not, they look decorative(ish). Jurgis has started clearing the pine. That will be a major job. We’ll need to get some serious equipment in to clear the part we’ve demarcated for the veggies and fruit trees. Right now, cleaning and clearing is about as much as we can do… at least until we get to see the owner again. He was meant to arrive last night, then today… maybe tomorrow. Time will tell. I have an internet bone to pick with him *Needs Internet*. The cottage is warm. Barring a fairly serious plumbing issue that was meant to be sorted out today (I think the plumber got lost or something), we’re fairly comfortable. It’s a huge change from the ‘palace’, but has its own compensations.


So why hermitage? We’re about 4km away from the nearest village, Roundwood, which boasts a population of 800+ and 5 pubs. Yes, it’s like that. We’ve met one of the local population, a chap who came to drop the top halves of a few pines that were threatening to fall on the cottage. He was nice and is now a familiar face. We’re considering a walk into the village on the weekend to see what it’s like and perhaps meet a few locals.

Life, at this point, is pretty good. Now if I could just get online… I’m missing talking to my little girl.

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  1. Thanks for the update; I find your unique travels and adventures very interesting.

  2. Nice to see a post of you again. Have you moved?

  3. You guys are such adventurers! If it is OK, could you tell us more about how you find these gigs, and what exactly the arrangement is? You sound like you are planning your own homestead here, but you are still WOOFing? And how do you decide to go from one place to another? Four k is a perfectly walkable distance, as long as you are able bodied and it is not too hilly. I wish you happy pubbing.

  4. Aw thanks, Maggie :)

    Amalie, yes, we have moved. I could have sworn I posted here on Blogger too... or did it only post on Wordpress. I must check. We're not far from where we were though :)

    Ien, we're part of a Wwoofing organisation where we can search prospective places, check their profiles, see if it's what we'd like or where we'd like, then get in touch. The planning here is for the owner. The 4km walk is a nice walk. It was tricky, as the road was iced over, so very slippery and trainers aren't designed for walking on ice, but otherwise it was good :) We're not pubbing, so much. That was a one-off, as I was desperate to get some internet.


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