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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum…

I was all set to ignore the fact that Christmas was once again pounding the doors of civilization down, but then it got the battering ram out, crashed through our defences and invaded our carefully preserved un-Christmas.

In short, our host gifted us with a real live (or was live until recently anyway) Christmas tree. Now I don’t, for a start, do ‘live’ trees. My experience being that they don’t stay live for very long and end up being vacuum cleaner fodder. Aside from that, I definitely prefer seeing the trees ‘out there’ than in my lounge. Actually, for the past few years, I’ve been going to great lengths not to have a society-approved traditional tree anyway. Who the heck put those spikes on those branches??? I feel like I’ve just had 3 rounds in the ring with a porcupine!

xmastree Requesting humble forgiveness for the poor quality of the photo.
The flash destroyed the look, but without the flash... eternal dark.

There now… festive look is done ‘n dusted… I have a pot of ham hocks on the stove that I’ll no doubt find a way to serve up for dinner and the fire is lit. I hope it stays lit. Yesterday’s fire did very nicely until late. A repeat performance would be a real treat.

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  1. Lol. or rather, smile. I hear you about the desire to ignore the whole thing. I am trying to decide whether we should decorate in our limited way, or just not bother.....But since you did it, you might as well enjoy! Your tree looks just lovely.

  2. I think a little decoration is ok, but I wouldn't have cared too much if there was none at all. I must say, it looks ok. I'm just dreading falling into the giant pin cushion ;) It sits at the foot of our stairs... waiting for me... daring me to trip into it's spiky arms!

  3. LOL, it's a beauty! But I feel with you ... I don't like real trees either. In fact, I have a fake one in my class room and no tree at home - and I keep it that way. Not very Christmassy or romantic but extremely relaxing ;)

    Enjoy your fire!

  4. Oh Riete, I hear you on the relaxing bit. I keep seeing people getting into a knot over Christmas. That is totally not happening here lol


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