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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on TED.com

If you're an educator of any sort, or a mom, or someone who's simply interested, this is an engaging talk where Ken Robinson makes a very important point.


  1. I am finding here that education systems, thanks to state funding requirements, is killing creativity, from teachers on down :-(

  2. I put my kids into Alternative School. They could call teacher by first name basis. The kids were treated like little adults. They for the most part lived up to the task and better then some of the Adults.

  3. Tint, I'm in agreement-schools are using the outdated nineteenth century model and it's laughable!! Katy goes to a "charter" high school and she's blossoming! It's wonderful to see.

  4. Ken is a great speaker... and funny.
    I have an art minor... As I was sitting in class listening, I always wondered... "How can you teach someone to be creative". Perhaps you can help them develop their own creativity, but... it's difficult to learn to be creative if... you're not.... and if you learn only what he teaches... that's not creativity.
    ... I always thought... he's trying to teach me HIS viewpoint of art and creativity... so I always just did what I felt like "creating", and kind of ignored him, and I did fine.

  5. I LOVE this video and I love TED. :) Have you ever seen Isabelle Allende's speech on empowering women from here? It is AMAZING.

  6. i am definitely in agreement...therefore i have found i was forced to homeschool my kids.

  7. Marty, quite right.... it often kills creativity from the teachers down and not just due to funding, often due to a blinkered outlook.

    Erika, I don't mind first name or last name. Here, they call me Teacher or by my first name. I do think that using the teacher's last name instills respect, which is often lacking in schools. My favourite and most creative teachers, I'd never have dreamed of using their first names. I do believe in treating them as though they're intelligent beings, instead of talking down to them. Kids are way smarter than we give them credit for.

    Kat, I keep hearing about the charter schools and how good they are. Do they encourage creativity?

    Bert, I agree. He's a great speaker and I chuckled through a lot of that. You can't teach someone to be creative, but you can give them the tools and the freedom to be creative. That is what is lacking in schools.

    Michelle, no, I haven't seen her speech. I'll look out for it. I don't often go into TED, but I do enjoy it when I do. There's so much inspiration there.

    Kimmy, homeschoolers definitely have a creative advantage, I feel. Sad that you were forced into it, but it worked out well, right? : )

  8. it's definitely worked out great! BUT i would have loved to have been able to go back to work and make money. :) Also it's a shame they don't get as much social interaction. But they do have friends from the neighborhood, church and other groups they belong to.


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