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Thursday, 08 July 2010

A sequence of events

Photo taken by Jurgis. The butterfly landed on the soap bubbles as he was doing the dishes. He fished her out and she hung around a while. He then took photos before releasing her into the great outdoors.

I woke up completely and quickly. That, in itself, was unusual. I'm notoriously slow to surface. My first thought was... surely it's 4:30 already? I checked my cell phone, which doubles as an alarm clock - 4:37! I hadn't set the alarm! Strike one. Without an alarm, I'm usually incapable of surfacing on time.

I put the kettle on and turned on the pc. Ack! My internet wouldn't connect. An overwhelmingly sickly smell drew me to the kitchen. The gas had run out (the gas stinks just as the bin empties for some reason) - coffee would be delayed. I shook Jurgis awake. Luckily, he'd asked me to wake him early. He tackled the gas (we keep a spare bin) and internet while I got ready. With coffee and toast going down well, the morning was saved.

The first bus that came along was an inter-municipal (the elusive Santana bus, Tat! *poke*) The smiling lady sharing my stop got on, so I asked the driver if it went my way. Yep, it did. What a ride! Everyone was smiling!  I wish I could take this bus every day. It takes a grand tour of the city. The route was different and thus interesting. I wished I had a camera with me.

Because I took a bus instead of the usual metro, I ended up on the other end of Parque do Juventude, a large, concrete and wannabe-grass walking area. It has some funky buildings. I walked past the building and wadya know.... a library! An honest-to-goodness fancy-schmancy library here in São Paulo!! Sadly, it was only opening later, so I couldn't go in. Not sure when I'll get the chance to see it, as it's far from home and my hours are a little crazy.

I walked over to where my student usually meets me. I had nearly reached my spot when a scruffy man walked past. I think he was homeless, but who knows. What was special about him? The big red nose he was sporting! When he caught someone staring, he'd grin. He was  having a ball. He left many laughs and smiles in his wake.

I spent the rest of my time there being entertained by an impish (he looked like a little imp) hopelessly drunk man who was dancing and clowning around with a huge grin on his face. He was having a ball!

What was that they say about "Smile and the world smiles with you"? Today, the world seemed to be smiling. It was good : )  I felt as though a load had been taken off my shoulders.

And back to the ordinary world...

Romany was caught grinning in his sleep.

The flash woke him up. He stuck his tongue out.... kinda mid-lick, but too lazy to pull it off properly.

The sun was obviously too good and he dozed right off again.


  1. Omg ... your whole blog made me smile, ESPECIALLY the pictures! hahaha. Sounds like it was a good day, Tint .. I'm glad! I spent most of it working (yay!) Oh, Romany is such a doll! I just wanna give him a big smooch. :)

  2. YAY for Romany! He doesn't let a little flash ruin a good nap! Great blog and excelelnt snaps!

  3. What a nice blog. Is your normal wake-up time 4.30????

  4. It made me smile too, this blog! And Romany is so sweet!

  5. Anyone would think the Brazilians were happy they'd lost their football game ... :) *Smiley, happy people having fun....... *

  6. Glad the pics made you smile, Kippy. Kinda thought that silly face would. Right now, Romany's breath smells of dog kibbles.... not very kissable ; )

    Marty, he doesn't mind in the least. He's used to me by now. Pissy Pickle, the cat, does mind, however.

    Ien, yes, during the week, I get up at 4:30 because I have crazy students who insist on studying before work.

    Michelle, thanks... how are you? I haven't set up my blogger on the other browser yet... will amble across later to see what you're up to. Hugs, my friend.

    Riete, happy to oblige. Smiling friends are all good!

    Katey, who knows. I think it's just the relief of not having the world cup excitement pressure.

    Just for you...

  7. My dog HATES the camera! The new kitty is OK about it thus far, happily!

  8. Romany usually avoids the camera like the plague, but the pull of snoozing in the sun was too strong : ) He doesn't so much hate it, as having a tendency to make himself scarce when the camera comes out... or he sabotages the shot by going from ubber cute or good looking to playing daft. So yeah... he minds, but he also doesn't particularly care if he's comfy enough. When he's wide awake, it's a different story.

  9. A smiley day all around. That dog.....does he know he's a dog? What a goof!


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