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Thursday, 08 July 2010

Early morning coffee

After two near-accidents with the bus - what possesses people to try to cut across two lanes in front of a bus at an intersection when the bus is going straight and they want to turn?? - I'm early for this morning's class.

I stop off at the friendly corner cafe for a cuppa. (The photo here is of a similar cafe and taken long ago, not the one I was at.) It's clean, in a very white-tile-plastic-and-formica way. Coffee here is drunk out of a glass, ready sweetened.... and, boy, is it sweetened?! I've found a way to get mine in a cup and chuckle over the Zero-Cal™ sweetener I use there. The back has an unusual warning, "Zero-cal™, 'marcade fantasia, contem calorias." You don't need Portuguese proficiency to get the gist of that. Talk about misleading labelling!

All eyes are on the TV screen at the one end of the cafe, right above the kitchen hutch. They're interviewing a Brazilian in SA who's trying to sell his tickets to the upcoming matches, so he can go home. I hope the Brazilians still there are at least taking the opportunity to explore the country.

Time to go. As I scratch for coinage for the coffee, I see a woman putting her breakfast on her card. The standard breakfast being coffee and pão na chapa. I don't put small amounts on my card because of the charges to the shop owner, but a cash-free society suddenly seems very appealing. Do I mind that much that my every move will be traceable?

On a side note, does anyone here know anything about a Schengen visa?


  1. A Schengen visa covers a lot of European countries and lasts for a fixed ammount of time. Grrrrr!! Does that mean you have to get one?? Are you going to get one that end or when you arrive? I'll make enquiries as to how much etc. Are those pawpaws hanging up??

  2. I love that you were early enough that you got to stop for some coffee. :) I wish I coulda met you there for a chat. :) I'm guilty of not using cash anymore, I must admit. But I get returns on my card. For every dollar I spend, I get a point. 3,500 points gets me a $25 gift card for the place of my choice. :) So I use my card to pay all my bills and stuff, for the rewards.

  3. Katey, because I plan to go to both the UK and Lithuania, a Schengen visa makes sense. It would mean, if I can get it, that I don't have to apply for a visa to Lithuania on landing in the UK. I have the cost of the UK visa... the Schengen visa seems to be around the same price, perhaps a little more, but I'm fairly sure it will be cheaper than getting a whole separate visa and certainly a lot less effort.
    I had to wonder what you were on about with the pawpaws - must have something to do with the fact that I'd just been watching Romany, but yes, those are pawpaws hanging up there. They hang them in mesh bags, much like our oranges and such would be sold. That fruit is used for smoothies.

    Kippy, I use my debit card. I hate, hate, hate the credit card. It's not a normal credit card and it's deuced awkward to use.... not so much to use, but to pay. No points here unless you have a regular credit card. The card the lady was using was a meal card. As part of the salaries, most companies give a meal voucher. It used to be on paper, now they have a card system. Naturally, I don't qualify for one. I'd love to have met you for a chat, but then I wouldn't have blogged =Þ

  4. Oh, I use my debit card, too. :) I don't use the credit cards unless I HAVE to. I just don't use cash much. :)

  5. I try to use card as much as possible, but many retailers get a bit snarky if you use the card for items under $5 here.

  6. I don't even have a credit card...just a debit that use as credit. It's way too easy to spend if I know I can.

    Stopping for coffee before any engagement is ALWAYS a plus!! I picked up an iced mocha on my way back to work at noon. Yum.

  7. My card works on the same system... debit card that can double as a credit card, but at the end of the month, the whole lot comes off my account (that was scary the first time it happened).

    Iced mocha sounds so good for a hot day. I wouldn't do that here. It'll defeat the object of working lol That would be a costly habit to get into.

  8. I don't do it often...but I had to stop at the store and they have an iced coffee that costs the same as the hot coffee! Cheap and cold. I liked it!

  9. In hot weather here, I keep bottles of water in the freezer then take them out in the morning. I can go well into the day with some nice cool water that way. It's a lifesaver in summer! But mocha sounds so good!

  10. I'm "cashless" too. Unfortunately, it cost me a ticket on a bus yesterday. They don't take plastic and I was trying to sneak on. Damn it all! Anyway, I like your chat, Tint. :)


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