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Saturday, 20 February 2010

It's happening! Kindof...



I'm not going online right now, but offline. We're going to bed tonight with literally just our bedding to put into a bag in the morning. Everything else is done. The van will be here at 8:30am. Weirdly, we were trying to make him come after 9am. I say weirdly because it is definitely a first in Brazil where they want 'action' earlier than we do. This is a nation that sleeps till after noon on a Saturday.

The cat is snoozing in her box... min gepla, as we say in Afrikaans. Hm... how does that translate? 'Little bothered' is perhaps the closest. The dogs are as rumbustious as usual. In all, the animals are unphased by the whole deal. We'll walk the dogs over to the new house. The cat and bird will go by taxi.

We currently have ADSL. As such, we have a ISP and a line provider. As from tomorrow, we'll have Cable instead. If we had a TV, we'd be able to watch cool things like Discovery Channel and National Geographic... and it's still cheaper than what we have right now. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition and no catches to the new plan.

PS. Someone send me some duct tape!! All the Brazilian packing tape is peeling off!! Every last bit. We have to retape all the boxes. The tape only sticks to itself, so all tape needs to wrap around completely, so it has something to grip onto *crying*

PPS. Do you know how large a dust bunny community there is behind your wardrobe???? Do you know? Do you really know???

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