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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good fences make good neighbours

Two days ago, Jurgis and I were inside when we heard a woman calling, "Visinho!" (Neighbour!) Jurgis went out and found the neighbour, with whom we share the property, was stuck inside her home. Her husband had left with the keys. We have the same problem here... only one set of keys, so our comings and goings have to be carefully planned. He helped her out of the house via the window (she's pregnant and needed to get to the doctor), then unlocked the main gate for her. While he was there, she mentioned how frightened she was of the dogs. Jurgis assured her that the dogs wouldn't bother her. We had put up a temporary gate fashioned out of the base of a bed. It's strong, just not pretty. She seemed satisfied.

Yesterday, her mother and father were home (we think they're visiting because of her pregnancy). They called us over and handed us a business card, saying the estate agent wants to speak to us. We were confused, as we deal directly with the owner who is one of Jurgis' friends. Just to make sure, he called his friend first and asked what was going on. Apparently, the neighbour called their estate agent and complained about the dogs, saying they're scared of them. The owner told us not to worry about it. The reason the owner rented this property to us because of the dogs! He wanted the dogs here.

As for the neighbour... this would be all good and well except... a) The dogs have been hiding from the heat under my computer desk virtually since we've moved in. They refuse to budge. b) The dogs have only barked once and that was when the old tenants sent someone to take their old stuff away. We've had our own removal guys, visitors - total strangers to the dogs - from out of town, and internet installation guys coming in and out with no fatalities or emergencies.

Jorge is now building a gate. Shelves and wardrobes must wait. The gate will probably be too heavy for anyone but him to lift, but that is all good. As for the neighbour... I think she has shot all neighbourliness to... well... you get what I mean. They have a little girl. The day I arrived for the first time with bird and cat in tow, their glass door was open, leaving only the frame closed. The girl smiled at me and I greeted her with a cheery 'hello'. The mother promptly shut the glass door in my face. Uh... ok, so I'm mean stalker material...

When we heard about the report to the agents, I went to ask her how she could do that right after Jurgis had helped her by lifting her bodily out of her house. The mother was there. Apparently the woman was at work. The mother complained that she needed to do laundry (a separate upstairs portion... the stairs are close to our entrance, but not on top of it... about a yard) and was afraid her daughter would be bitten. They say the previous tenants promised them the plants. Today we heard the owner is collecting their plants (it was the owner's brother-in-law who was renting). So these people are chancing their arm. What got me is that they weren't concerned their toddler would be bitten (our dogs are big), but that the pregnant mom would be bitten... She was told the dogs were safe as long as no one teased them or went inside the gate. Our dogs couldn't care less who stands outside the gate. There, they'll just bark. Inside, they'll bark louder *laughing* Besides, there's always someone home here and the darn dogs are now too used to their creature comforts to venture outside and be bothered with an ungrateful, petty neighbour.

On the bright side, apparently they're moving soon, as the house had flooded during the recent rainstorms, though the previous tenants here told us they're moving because her life is being made miserable at work because of her pregnancy, as her work involves a lot of running around and she can't keep up. Ah well... our other neighbours are quiet. Most here seem to keep to themselves. I can live with that : )


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