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Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Your monthly weather channel

Is anyone else freaking out over the weather? We're in our second day of flood warnings. This was our area yesterday:

Luckily we are high up and not affected unless we go into town, which is what we have to do this afternoon. I'm taking boots, umbrella and water wings... oh and a book to read in case we get stuck.

This is what Tat may be going into in a couple of weeks if the weather in the UK doesn't ease up:

(See the article in the Sun)

She's taking a chisel. She recons if she has to freeze her butt off, she may as well chip it off properly and slim down ; ) According to one report, the UK is facing it's coldest winter in the last century, right through to March. Fun! I really need to make a plan for a camera for Tat. This can't be missed!


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