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Sunday, 31 January 2010

The eagle has landed

Ok, just Tat and not really landed, but finally arrived at NAYC in Northampton.

Tat xmas glitter

The photo, by the way, is Jurgis tormenting Tat with glitter. She was responsible for putting glitter on all the Christmas cards. He decided she needed to be 'embellished' too. That was a "Nooooooooooooooo.........!!" : )

I got a text message from Tat saying she was all settled in. I called her to make sure. It's a mom thing. Apparently their rooms are pretty small and wardrobe space equally small. The place is nicely heated and comfortable. The rooms are attractive and everyone has been very friendly.

She had a Welcome to England package waiting for her too!! Word has it that this person loves purple. Thanks so much, Katey!! You had Tat laughing. I could hear the excitement in her voice.

One way or the other, Tat is now settled and unpacked and appears to be enjoying herself. All is well : )


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