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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Let me introduce you...

You probably know him by now as the funny guy I tend to tease a lot. You also know that I consider him to be enormously talented. He works magic with wood that most people throw away. He has a way with people. Wherever he goes, people stop to talk to him. He's strong (heck, he can pick me up!). He works like a Trojan when he gets going. He's funny and playful and enormously patient. I mean... he taught me to drive. That takes some doing. He even continued teaching me after I put a sizeable dent into his pride and joy... his first ever car. My very own live-in Mr Fixit, Tech. support, perfectionist, and sometime dishwasher ; )

jorge and witch

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. Being a man of many interests, even in old hags, there are many things I could get him. There is one thing, however, that I know he dearly wants. I have done research and can only give this gift on a personal level. Officially, it is out of his reach still.

You see, when he was to be christened, the local (yes, here in Brazil) church decided that he couldn't use the name his parents chose for him, as it is a name belonging to a pagan king. They were then forced to give him the Brazilian version of his name. He was registered as Jorge. All his life, he has dreamed of being called Jurgis. This dream has become almost an obsession since his trip to Lithuania.

I have resisted his desire for a name change. After all, I married Jorge, not Jurgis. I have been giving it a lot of thought lately though. Why not? It is something he wants really badly. The man I am married to now is different from the man I married so long ago in many ways. We change nicknames through the years. I often call him names that I didn't call him when we got married, so why not call him Jurgis... or at least try to. It is a small thing on my part that means a lot to him.

Unfortunately, to change your first name in Brazil is virtually impossible. Most people don't even change their last names when they get married because it is such a bureaucratic process. To change your first name, you need to prove that the original name is embarrassing, humiliating, or some other extreme reason. They recommend you hire a professional to deal with it and you need two witnesses to the fact that the name is causing problems for you.

So, I'd like to introduce you to Jurgis, my husband.


Happy Anniversary, Jurgis! Yes, I have issues with names, so I'll still call you all sorts of other things, but to me, you are now Jurgis : )


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