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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm trying... I'm trying...

But I seem to be fighting a losing battle. We had a long weekend. I was home. Do you think I spent that time visiting blog friends? Nope.

See... it's like this. A time back, our internet carrier was hacked. Yep... how's that for security. They went pretty much belly-up for a while. We could access nothing on the net and when we could get on, it was at 1 or 2kb/second. The problem was apparently nationwide. Since then, our internet has been on in fits and starts. Some people are saying that the service is back in full swing, but we're having to reset our modem a few times a day. I clear caches every few pages I load or I get the stupid Telefonica "This page does not exist" notice. We now have a little system. Load the page. Page doesn't load. Clear cache. Load a different page, which, naturally, doesn't load. By then, the original page might load. Grr!!

I have been reading though. My mail tries constantly to send and receive, so I've been getting the e-mail alerts of the blogs. Getting to where I can respond has been another matter. I'll keep trying. Now... I'm going to try and post this. Fingers crossed...

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  1. I hate slow computers and not being able to get on the net. I use to have trouble a few years back but now everything is fine. Recently though, I installed the Windows Vista operationg system on my home computer. I hate it. It just seems so much slower than what I was using before. Hope everything works out for ya!


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